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    Do not give chance to others for character assassination

    There are people around us who are ready to pass rave remarks on our looks, dressing sense, on our talks and moves with others. They would be choosing such a time when there would be huge gathering of like minded people and they would now expose their grudge and take to character assassination by saying some remarks on which you may get deeply perturbed and even may want to leave the place in a huff. But actually you must confront such people then and there itself because you have the right to look good, satisfy yourself and above all there is no need for others to assess you.
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    It is true said that your own respect is in your hands. So, it becomes our responsibility to safeguard ourselves from negative traits of others.

    We should and must confront and stop anyone who mocks you or makes fun of you as of we do not act the forst time, the other person will mock us again and this will become a habit. When we speak for ourselves, we not only create a standard for other to respect but also safeguard our own confidence and self esteem.

    We must accept ourselves as we are never let anyone disrespect us for our dressing, laughing, speaking or any other traits.

    Live before you leave.

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    I agree with author's view that nobody has right to remark on your personality. You are the master of yourself. It is your duty to such a people never give chance to say some thing on your personality. What is our style means from fooding to dressing belong to our concern. There is no need to react over on such matter. If some people try to behave like this then you must oppose it. I have noticed this kind of person are present in every society. we should be away from such kind of people. This kind of people spread negativity and lower our confidence level.

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    No person should resort to criticising another person about their way of dressing or way of talking. India is a democratic country and every citizen has been given some rights and as long as we are within the limits we should not tolerate other's remarks. We can answer them in the same way as he talks. If he is indirectly targeting you, you can diplomatically revert back to him. If he is openly talking, you can confront him in the same pitch.
    We should always keep up our self-respect. We should not allow others to make bad remarks about you. If there is nothing wrong from your side you need not accept the remarks of others. We should establish that he is wrong in his remarks and we should prove our way is correct. But criticising the other person as he is criticising us is not a fairway. Telling him that he is wrong and proving that we are correct should be the aim of the confrontation.
    If there is a point in the criticism of others, you should accept and try to change so that you will have respect among others.

    always confident

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    One should be bold enough to face the critics and should also be ready to answer them in a polite tone at the spot itself so that they understand that this person is not a gullible one. People offend others just on their looks, clothes and mannerism. Doing this is in bad taste.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Every person has his own viewpoint and has his own different choice, according to the same choice, we feel something good or bad, so we should take into consideration that our way of living is not necessarily correct according to everyone. It is also not necessary that our face texture or clothes will be liked by everyone, it is definitely the result of the choice of the person in front, therefore the comments given by others should not be taken in a more personal way. The most important thing is whether we ourselves are comfortable or not, if we have a good feel then it does not matter what else we like or not, ultimately we have the right to decide how we want to live life .
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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