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    Fight or Flight response when rendered neutral.

    We all know that when in actute danger or stress the sympathetic response system of body get's activated by the release of hormones and in turn the sympathetic reponse system activates the adrenal glands which triggers release of catecholamines.

    Now the response is either fight or flight, but in some situations both reaction are rendered netural, like wherein people stand still neither fight nor flight reponse is triggered.

    Have you ever faced any such situation ever in life?

    I had once faced such a situation, but it was such that I cannot say that I actually did respond the way it should happen naturally. I was learning to swim in river and my trainer took me to deep where I almost drowned and I remember that whatever I had learnt almost vanished in a fraction of second and I was struggling to save myself. I was deep inside the water and cannot see or hear anything inside.
    Although by God's grace I was saved, but till date I am unable to make out what actually was my response. Was it fight or flight or neutral which I cannot decide.

    ISCian's can share their own experience, if any.
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    Sometimes in some situations, our mind becomes blank and will not give any instructions. Just we will become actionless. Those moments will be short and the people with us may see that we will come of the situation.
    I was in my 30s and I was learning driving a four-wheeler. I learned and I have to for getting the permanent licence. One day I asked the driver to vacate the driving seat and I started driving the vehicle. The driver was sitting in the side seat. He was watching. I was going normally. Meanwhile, another car from the opposite side came very fast and I thought I had a collision. But I don't know what happened I just turned the car to the other side and stopped. The opposite car went fast and hit a wall there. I don't what I did. We both were safe and unhurt. No damage to my vehicle also.

    always confident

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    Since our death is already decided and it has to takes place as per pre decided factor, we may not face the death even though we go near to the death and come back alive. In the author's case also, he was taken into the deep swimming experience to time test the ability to come back from deep water and he did. What I mean to say that during the emergencies we tend to use the brain fast and with varied options so that we want to get rid of the situation. One may call it fight or flight response because the situation is not under our control but our urge to live further and fight the situation would lead to happy learning and acting on the spot. We would be baffled to see our own reaction after surviving from those danger situation and that is why we say that for some the God is given two or three lease of life as they keep on winning against the odds.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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