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    Another feather to the cap of DRDO - Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle (HSTDV)

    The Defence Reasearch and Development Organisation (DRDO) has achieved another milestone and has strengthen our defence by flight testing the Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle. The same was flight tested using another indigenously developed scramjet propulsion system.

    India has now joined the elite club with US, Russia and China in hypersonic missile technology. This is totally Made in India and our scientists and engineers deserve a huge round of applause. They have again made India proud.
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    With this invention, DRDO is proved that India will be a very strong technological base for long-range hypersonic missiles. These missiles will travel at a speed that is 6 times greater than that of sound. If we are in the space the missile will reach you well before you hear the sound. A great achievement. This missile was developed using a scramjet engine. They used Agnis missile booster for conducting this test and it was reported that the test was a success. We all should congratulate the Scientists and Engineers who are involved in developing this system.
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    Best wishes and congrats to the scientists of DRDO India for developing the indigenous hypersonic missile technology and joins the elite of club of handful of countries who have already achieved this feat. India has been making strides in the field of aero space, science and technology and now missile technology. As the enemies for India are standing at the border, India needs to have fool proof advanced missile system so that the enemy country could be attacked as far as 3000 kms range and the enemy would not have the iota of idea as to where from the missile attacked them. Of late India is being bothered by Pakistan, China and Nepal to who we have to give the response in terms of war heads and these kinds of advanced hypersonic technology would surely given upper hand to our armed forces.
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