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    Next generation may not know about ink pens

    Ink pens are also known as fountain pens. We were using ink pens more. My father used to carry two ink pens in his pocket, one with black ink and the other with red ink. We used to have one bottle of ink for each colour and two fillers. During our high school studies, we used to use these fountain pens only. Maintaining an ink pen is a little tedious. Refilling the barrel is difficult and leakage of ink is another problem

    The ink pens are getting replaced with ball pens and gel pens. Many people stopped using ink pens. Some senior citizens may be using them, though. Many kept them in their houses as an icon to show it to their next generations. The present generation of students are not using these ink pens and they prefer to use and throw pens. I feel their next generation may not know about ink pens.
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    I am a pen lover. If I happen to see a new variety of pens, I would buy it. Thus I have many pens in my pen box. About the fountain pen, as you mentioned, I used a quill pen that needs to be dipped into an ink bottle every time you complete a word. One of my grandfathers had such pens. He was an astrologer. He never allowed me to touch the pen. Many a time I requested him for a pen. He was reluctant saying that I would spoil my dress with the ink. Finally, he offered me a pen. Its nib got broken and I had to throw it away.
    Later days, I was fond of branded pens like Writer, President, Hero, Pilot, Parker. Three years back, I found two big fountain pens in a pen shop. Each cost Rs. 50/-. I bought them and presented them to my brother's children.
    Presently, I use only ball pens. I like the pens with Gel ink. Whenever someone visits my home, I present them with a pen.

    Yesterday, I ordered a personalized Metallic sleek pen from Vista Prints.

    I value the proverb - "Pen is mightier than sword".

    No life without Sun

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    Attaching an armoury of pens I have on my table(spread on the laptop keyboard)

    A pen contest.
    There are 17(Seventeen pens). Please find out any fountain pen from the group of pens.

    No life without Sun

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    Certainly the next generation would not know what is the ink pen and how it works. When we were studying 6th class from then onward the ink pen and only blue color was allowed to be written on the note books and we should not use the black ink. The teachers would use the red ink pen and the officers would use the green ink. This was the standard rule followed by all those who were using the ink pens those days. But due to sweating issues during the writing of exams and with ink pens and sweating paper would get smudges of writing and thus sometime the entire answer sheet would get spoiled and therefore the government brought in ball point pen technology which has become more regular now and the quality of ball point pen with long lasting writing power has proved nothing can match the pall point technology.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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