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    Imposition of fine an experience or a punishment?

    Normally we would not err and our dealings are fair and active. But sometimes due to reasons beyond our control and understanding we exceed the law and attract imposition of fine. The fine may in the form of late payment, the fine may be for not following the rule of the land or a fine may be due to not understanding of the rule. In any case a fine is a insult and not everyone would digest it as easily. For you is that a insult, or an an experience or you obey the punishment as you have erred. Please give your response on the matter.
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    Some people intentionally overrule the rules and regulations and they never feel getting a punishment is an insult. For them, it is a very common issue. They know how to avoid punishment also and they will avoid that with their experience.
    But many people will obey the rules. But sometimes due to some hurry or unknowingly they may be overruling the rules. They feel ashamed to pay the fine. They will never like to have such experience again and again and they will be more careful after this expereince.
    But if we do the same mistake again and again we may have to face severe punishments including imprisonment also. So one should not ignore these punishments. They should consider them as punishments only and should see that they will not go to that level.

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    A fine is a form of punishment and if somebody breaks the rule then she/he can be fined if it's a kind of penal measure. A person is fined to make her/him extra cautious about the rules in place. Not every unlawful activity carry a fine. If you break the rule and fined for that I don't think there is anything insulting in it. You are fined for a cause and it's not done purposefully in any way. If you always abide by the rules and somehow fined for a mistake then it's an experience because you get to know how it feels when you are at fault. It's an experience to make you even more cautious while carrying out the task again and again.

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    Fine and punishment should be reasonable and realizable. What is the use of fining a guy with Rs. 1/- for his crime. It is a shame to award such fines. Now Supreme court has set a precedence of awarding Rs. 1/- as fine for contempt of court and speaking against the judiciary. Now the demand will be more to award such fine quoting the supreme court judgement, in the future.
    Fines for all crimes should be specified, except for crimes viz murder, rape, attempt to murder, attempt to rape, etc. where bloodshed is involved.
    Contempt of court is a very serious crime, and the fine should be in Lacs with alternate punishments like imprisonment.

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    The main purpose of fine is to give a lesson to the culprit not to repeat the offence in future. If this purpose is met then fine has a value and the fining process gets admiration. If it does not then fining is a futile action. So, just fining a person some money would not be sufficient. What is actually required is public humiliation and insult in front of the peer group when a person does a mistake or offence of that kind. This would give him a good lesson as people can pay some money but cannot tolerate insult. Even the children if you insult them in front of the other children would get the point immediately and would never venture in those prohibited zones.
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    Imposition of a fine is to correct a man but some are so serious that they would like to skip any fine though they deserve for it. To pay fine for them is a kind of insult. With their overconfidence in managing the affairs, they can go to any length to avoid the fines imposed to them. The remedy to this situation is to identify such errants and should be given due punishment deserving for their lapses. This will arrest their overconfidence and will follow the terms.

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