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    Pandemic gave guts and courage to face any such situation in future

    The 130 crore strong population of India would be more thankful to the God as the pandemic was not so severe keeping in view our vast population and the spread with merely 43 lakh cases today and out of which nearly 30 lakh got cured and sent back home , it is very clear that India fought back the virus with its all might and courage and thus got the valuable experience for the future in which we can fight any kind of disease spread with ease and we would survive on one big factors ie our self confidence and huge courage.
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    Yes. I will say that India faced the situation boldly. If you see the percentage based on the total population, it will be very less only. But when you see the figures, it may look very high. But if you see the total population, it is equivalent to almost 40 other countries. The population is one point and another point is population density. In India, we see that the population density is high and it is very high in some cities and towns. This will be a factor which will cause fast-spreading. But even in these adverse conditions also our country maintained the total situation very nicely. This is a credit to the Central Government and the State Governments.
    The recovery rate in India is very good and the credit goes to the doctors and the medical staff who are doing an excellent service for the recovery of the patients. But some Corporate hospitals made merry of the situation and made some good money.
    These days many people who are getting tested positive are not having any symptoms of the diseases and they are recovering easily by self-quarantine in their own house. Let us hope that the numbers also come down and we will have a better life in the coming days.

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    The spread could have been less if everybody followed the restrictions properly. I hope we should no forget that the spread of the infection is taking place at a very high rate and there cannot be any room for complacency. Every country is trying its best to fight the disease and the rate of success depends on various factors. While nobody in the world has ever faced such a situation earlier, this gave us the idea about how dangerous it can be and what can be done in such situations. It's the tireless efforts of doctors and healthcare professionals which has helped to manage the situation. They are the people who are helping the infected persons round the clock to improve their condition. Undoubtedly this is an experience which can be utilized to tackle many situations and let's hope for the best.

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    People lost their lives due to this epidemic. Millions of people are lying sick, and the living standards of all people have also changed completely. As the corona cases are increasing, fear is decreasing among the people, but the same positive hope is rising because in most cases patients are getting healthy which is a good indicator that the country is somewhat successful in fighting this epidemic. But still it is necessary to stop the negligence happening in many places so that the cases grow at least
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    Yeah, the country faced the situation boldly. Despite the missteps which could have been avoided most of the country was one in a way, not usually found under normal circunstances. This was a mighty challenge and still is despite some relief. We still need to be prepared for everything. Also folks are negligent thinking that because the country is unlock7ng itaelf they're free which is wrong. The precautions are necessary until a sucessful vaccine a cure is developed. Let us be together and face the challenge put forth.

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    The spread could have been checked in a better way if we could understand the importance of safe distancing, moving outside with the masks covering both mouth and nose and usage of Senitisers depending upon the situations. Considering our population being 130 crores presently, the spread of infection to the extent of 43 lacks at this moment does not indicate an alarming figure. But we are afraid noting down the attitudes of some sections of people not using masks though they are outside home taking the situation casually. Pattern of growth would represent a parabolic trajectory implying that more the spread, more it will be out of control in the near future. Hence we should some sort of seriousness while taking precautionary measures. This will be just like the case of wildfire in the villages if we are not complying with the safety measures while tackling this disease.

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    The pandemic is still there very much and as today our facilities are just managing it we are feeling that we have fared well. But the reality is that it is increasing with a slower rate than as expected earlier. That is also a bad sign. Because it means that it would slowly reach that level which would be really alarming. Main thing is its containment which is not happening. Until the number of cases per day start decreasing there is nothing to be happy. The mortality rate is hovering around 1-2% and that is being seen as a low rate but for a highly populated country like India 1-2% also means a significant number. No doubt this pandemic has taught us many lessons and we have learned how to use sanitisers to protect oneself and how to be cautious in places like hospital and social gathering ones.
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