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    We should not be prejudiced in assessing others problems

    We cannot understand the difficulties faced by the other person and no other person can understand our problems. Everyone feels as if one's problems are the real problems and others are enjoying the world. It is actually not like that as life is never so easy for anyone that one would tread smoothly ahead. We should have an attitude to realise the problems of other people and then only we can take a correct judgement about them. Just observing a person superficially and with a prejudiced mind would not make us to know about him in details unless we know his problems and difficulties that he is facing in his life. It is also important that if we want to help a person we should know all these things in greater details otherwise our efforts would be of no avail. So only way to do it is to keep oneself hypothetically in other person's situation and then assess his problems with an open mind.
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    Many people see their problems in magnifying glasses and ignore the problems of others. They brush off problems of others saying them as negligible. This is not good to comment like this. The severity of the problem you are facing may be big for you. But you can't assess the problems of others in the same way as you assess and understand your problems. To have a correct understanding of the problems of others, we should have full knowledge of the situation and we should also see the resources one is having to address his problems. For this, we should get into their shoes and study the problem. But where is the time for us and how much concentration we will pay for this activity.
    Many times we will underestimate the efforts of other people in solving their problems. The actual situation will be known only when we face the same problem in the same environment. So never think that the problems faced by other people are not severe. If you can help them, try helping them but never show a biased opinion on those matters.

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    Problems have always been a part of human life, because every action that does not suit us, we start feeling the same problem. A person who takes the problems of his life as an opportunity and how much ability he has to overcome the problems he tries to do with the things available to him, tries to overcome them, then somewhere in his life Success and success would go on, that is why today only one person in the world is successful who tries to solve his problem somewhere and then he is able to achieve success in his life, so it depends on the person is. When a human being believes that there are more people like him in the world who have more problems in their life, then they see their problem as small and they feel to help others also to solve their problems.
    Swati Sharma

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    We have to keep an open mind while talking and listening to others and understanding their problems. If we do not do that then how can we expect that others would listen to us sympathetically.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    When we confront the problems we see that same with evasive eye and when others face the problem we see them with great interest and even want to dig further as to what more can be known. Be a cooperative person to others so that he or she can share the problems to be sorted out, instead people take enjoyment over others challenging position and that is not good attitude at all. When we reciprocate to to other views and problems then they will also respond in the same manner. My elders used to say that when ever problems come. we should not make it big because see down the line there are people with more problems and challenges face the life critically and yet moving with the society with guts. One thing is sure every problems comes with the definite solution and if we are able to catch that then we can sustain our problems and give right advice to others problems too.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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