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    Has Online learning in lockdowns helped students better or worse in learning !!

    Online education is the new buzzword from our living rooms in urban households to kitchens of hinterlands across country as lockdowns have made this all imp learning tool in these difficult times. This tool was welcome greatly in initial period by one n all owing to access to some learning after one month of idling of wards n their worried parents in March. but as the times went by, more n more stories have surfaced wherein the mode isnt proper for everyone and has induced heavy screen fatigue amongst children n adults alike. Hence this thread is to understand better - has the online education/tutoring really helped or just one of those phenomenan piggybacking current times !!

    welcome to all views !!
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    Online learning is an alternative to the traditional learning system and it can not take the place of traditional classroom teaching. In this the COVID pandemic when schools are shut since march this year, online earning became the only option to teach students. I think e-learning is a fine thing in this pandemic. It helped students learn and stay connected to their teacher and classmates, and assisted them in the learning process. In the pandemic, there was no other alternative to continue the teaching process though it can't replace the traditional system where classmates have the opportunity to interact face to face with each other and get the first-hand experience in the classroom. During this pandemic, I think students got the opportunity to stay connected to the learning process. But even in the e-learning system, there are students who don't have access to it and those who have access to it got the chance to learn something if not the entire syllabus.

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    Agree with all pointers but with vaccine still a long-shot for India, I think the current e-learning might disrupt the traditional way of education by some margin !

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    Something is better than nothing. No schools, No colleges and almost for 2 months no education. This situation appeared as if the students will forget the subject. In that situation, this online education has picked up and it is an alternative way for classroom teaching. We can't say it is the best. At the same time, we can't brush it aside saying that it is a waste. In this pandemic situation, online classes helped a lot. All the students are in contact with their teachers and friends and they are continuing education. To that extent, we should be happy.
    Once the virus comes down, regular classes may start and students start going to the classes. Until then, we should continue with the online mode of education. The concept is new to many teachers and students also. As time passes they will also get acquainted with the new mode and there will be a good improvement, I feel.

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    As per my assessment of evaluating my close relatives children as to how they are coping up during the lock down studies and how they are faring with the online teaching, there were too many complaint galore. That first three hour classes are not started as per the time as it is left to the subject teacher and her convenience. Teacher is not doing interactive, instead teaching non stop and the students wont understand that fast. There is no question answer session as the teacher has to complete within the time format and next three hours dedicated to notes take down and the child gets more tired by now. As soon as the notes are written, they have to do home work questions and upload the same on whats app. Invariably a child is studying for 9 hours and many a time they are studying without understanding the portion.
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    We are all measuring the institutions whether good or bad or super etc., without considering our own child. We think if the institution is good enough the child with poor knowledge too become a bright student. In olden days there are parents of drunkard son or son with erring activities think that if a marriage done to such a person, he would get correct himself in due course. Like this the parents are entrusting or seeking admission in high cost schools for the children poor in study. The parents of such children do forget their own responsibility in correcting them with their suitable approach and actions but to shouldering out their responsibilities they prepared to spend more money on them. Bright students utilized the lock down period online learning in a good way and got benefited. But normally the students with average and below average are postpone their daily study till the arrival of examinations. Such students with pleasure enjoying their lock down period with the help of mobiles, computers and televisions but other than study.

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    online learning is better during lockdown period. actually no option to learning is better for students.
    students will improve the knowledge of future technology.

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    When online schools started, it was difficult for both students and teachers. It was something really new and it took time for them to become friendly with the technology. Now, the online schools are getting conducted very smoothly and children are enjoying it. My son feels very boring on week off and misses his school a lot. It is good to get exposure to the internet and technology as it will be the "Normal" for the future. Secondly, teachers are conducting different activities even during the online classes and these activities are new for the kids, so they are enjoying that also.

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    Private schools and parents are divided over its advantages and disadvantages due to the introduction of online classes during lock down. Many private school principals and teachers are counting the benefits of these classes as being necessary for future preparations. At the same time, the parents are describing this as a hasty step. Parents believe that the child is not currently ready for online classes. Many parents are also unable to gather the necessary resources for these classes. But today's time is suitable only for online class, so some reforms like teachers need online training, before teaching and reading, both teachers and students should be ready and online, students who do not have the means to read online, they should be facilitated. It can be made easier .
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    Snehal, first of all I welcome you to the ISC educational portal and hope that you would be contributing here regularly to share your knowledge and expertise with other members active in this place. You have asked a very relevant contemporary question and many people are having this doubt whether the online education is really doing something or is only a 'for the time' thing. One reason that comes to my mind is there is much use of mobile equipments and video apps for communicating with each other in online environment and initially teething troubles have been faced. So, this is a case of technical deficiency that is discouraging people to go for it in a big way. As regards learning, those who have interest to learn would learn in both the scenarios. It is an individual effectiveness that decides it and we cannot generalise that.
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