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    I prefer to call them certified

    "This is to certify that Xy Z residing at R Road has completed ......". Well, all of you have such certificates that you earned after completing a particular course. That started from the school-leaving examination and even if you have completed a short-term online course, you will receive such certificate after completion of the course. There is nothing new in it and I am not going to point out any error in the certificate that you got. The certificate has something to do with education though I am not trying to define the term educated. There is enough discussion about whom we can call educated or the relation between academic qualification and being educated and this debate may continue as long as someone wish. I am not debating or casting any doubt on one's qualification but I am trying to describe such people whom at times we refer to as so-called educated. I am leaving it to your conscience to decide whom you may call so-called educated because you see nobody is certifying that someone is educated. It is only mentioned in the certificate the achievement of that person so, using the term so-called is something like not recognizing their talent. How about calling them a certified person instead of so-called educated? That's just an idea I got after going through a few certificates.
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    Incorrect thinking about certificate and certification. Education is like an ocean and certification is like taking a dip in it. The certificate is rendered for the portion learned. One cannot get a certificate stating they are educated/well educated/ fully educated/ thoroughly educated etc. It is a vague thought. Educated is in a broad and general sense, but certified is a simple sense.
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    A certificate is awarded to the candidate only after going through the relevant tests and procedures and one cannot get such certificates back and and that is illegal too. The author must have gone through one or two instances and that made him to decide that certified people are not that professional to handle the issues and matter. A certified person do know everything to what he has been assigned but some people have the starter problem in the beginning because they are into new experience and job and thus need to some one to start them and then they would pick up with their responsibilities. Some times a certified person may be waiting for the right person to intervene and test his abilities and know how so that he has to show them the right way of learning he thus acquired.
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    In some cases, they use the word certified also. After completing the audit training courses for doing audits the institutions will give them a certificate that so and so has undergone training and he passed in the test. Then you can do audits for ISO certifications. They will call those people who got those certificates as certified lead auditors. They never call them as qualified lead auditors.
    As long as the job providing authorities to accept our certificate, we need not worry we are qualified or certified. If the certificate given to you is not recognized, you are neither certified nor qualified. One should worry more about the quality of the education that is being imparted to the students than what is written in the certificate or how they will be called.
    This certificate the Institutions are useful to get a job but later on your work and the knowledge only will play an important role than your education certificate.

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    I think I couldn't make the respondents understand the topic of the thread. It has got to do nothing with how qualified a person is or the value of a particular certificate while applying for a job. The issue is the term 'so-called educated' which I am sure we all use at times. It's just a thought to replace the term 'so-called educated' with 'certified person'. I have never mentioned anywhere in the thread or tried to imply that certified people are unable to handle a task.

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