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    Why the seniors at office would see the new employee with sore eye?

    In an organization, the revamp and rejig takes place often and even some freshers are taken as new employee and being new to the job they are directed to the senior employees who have immense experience of varied works in the same organization and thus the new employee has to consult and learn from them. Invariably the seniors show their tantrums and even have the sore eye with not to help attitude and thus the new employee would be sulking and feeling the heat of the behavior and cannot even complain to higher authorities. How can new employee learn?
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    I don't think all will behave like that. I never experienced such a problem. I never treated the new employees like that. Many MNCs employ management trainees and allot them to some senior employees who will monitor them and train them and see that they will be useful to the Organisation once the training is completed. Otherwise, the money and time spent on him will become waste. We have to train a new person again. A good and responsible senior employee will encourage new employees to come up in the organisation.
    But some times when we ignore the existing staff and bring somebody from outside above them, there will be a problem for the members in the department and they never cooperate with the new boss. How the new boss brings the old employees working under him will bring him into his fold is the skill of the new employee. If the new employee thinks that he is much better than his seniors, then only a problem with the new employee will come.

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    It is possible only in some organisations. That too because of some jealous or inferiority complex on seeing the qualifications of the newcomers. But it cannot be so equal to the experience gained by the seniors. In some organisations, I have seen rather than sore eye the seniors are not giving full hearten training or guidance to the new comers. But there are some seniors welcoming the new entrants with full heart as they split their responsibility in due course of time. In many organisations the induction system for new comers are not seen as this is very important to them to cope with the routine.
    On the reverse, we can see to the same extent, new comers are not considering the seniors as seniors as the new comers are qualified more over the seniors. They have some superiority complex in them and they do not respect the seniors. Some years back as I was given to look after branches administration also, I was under tour frequently all over India. To Assist me in factory work, my director asked me to take an assistant. I agreed and took a graduate assistant and as he hold an additional diploma, he kept in his mind that soon he would get promotion over mine. So, he behaved very rudely with others as of a Manager. Everybody complaints about him to me and my director. We called him and explained his situation and to handle employees very normally as we are in Personnel Department. But he started to say that the handling of employees should be very strict as to hold them in a limit etc., We decided to wait for some time and as we predicted he left the job before completing one year as he could not cope with our functioning.
    So both the type of juniors as well seniors are in organisations.

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