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    Students do not go for part time jobs in our country

    It is said and is correct to much extent that students should be inspired and motivated to do some part time job to earn their pocket money. Unfortunately in our society this trend is neither prevalent nor popular. Parents are also not much interested that their children should do any part time job since that tender age. In some countries the children feel pride in working part time and do not distinguish between white collar and menial jobs. I am surprised why in our country this trend is totally absent and as parents we have no desire to inculcate this in the young minds. Please share your views.
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    To some extent this is true but not totality. Students today have more needs and aspirations than ever and to fulfill them they do resort to some part time jobs to earn some money. I myself used to teach students to get some pocket money and even today many students do so. Although students do hide these things from their parents that they are doing some work to earn money because parents want them to focus on studies only and nothing else. Parents believe that quick money can divert the students from studies and they can get involved in wrong company.

    So it depends upon the extent of understanding between the parents and their child as to that how much they trust each other. If trust is strong then young adults would not mind telling parents that they work part time to earn some money and the parents would also encourage rather than discouraging them.

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    What I understand that the children are given education and training at the home to go for the specific jobs and by inducing to the part time jobs, they will confine to that particular earning mode only and would not come out of the shell to explore major growth in their career. Moreover part time jobs are paid less and even petty among which would be used by the person for personal use. As far as I know no person given the money as first salary to his parents stating that he earned hard in his life for the first time. As the youth necessities are more the amount thus earned are spent for themselves and thus parents does not want to inculcate this bad habit of vending themselves and not caring the family requirements. Parents are always interested to have good, respectable and good salary job for which they are eager to wait also.
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    Such type trends to earn money by means of tuitions to meet additional expenses of their wards are not liked by the parents considering that their studies will be affected in case of undertaking such avocations. But again we can have two types of students, the firsts being loyal to their parents and the other ones want to enjoy experience by reading something by way of pocket money. The extra money earned with the secondary job may ease the burden of their parents with their less demand of money. Some parents from the lower income group would praise their wards for the less demand of money. Sometimes their wards don't represent the real picture before their parents so that they are unduly shocked. However, if a student is undertaking some tuition for a limited hour to defray his income would not be bad on a practical consideration.

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    In our country below 14 years students are child labour which are not allowed for work because in our country's fundamentals right says that below 14 years children donot allowed to work.If any such case seen in somewhere police arrest them who keep them as servant.on the other hand our parents thinks that part time job is only disturbance for our children education. They thought that when they complete their education then they do job. But it is not bad or not very good. If our society students do some part-time job one sided they be independent for their pocket money even for his school or tution fees ,on the other hand they are not give their 100%on their studies. If they do job from very early age they understand the value of money and stop to waste money . In our country berojgari is very serious case which is developed by our educational system.An educated students who is not get his job according to their studies they don't want to go to job below their studies. If our country students go for part time job from very early we are able to stop the problem of berojgari.

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    It is learned that many middle-class Indian students studying abroad are doing a part-time job to earn and study happily. But in India, our students don't think about part-time jobs as they feel it as an insult, and they have their parents to take care of their expenditure. If our students also feel to perform the part-time jobs, the Indian economy will grow fast. We Indians are lazy guys who hesitate to work at home and in their own homeland. A change is essential.
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    In India, there is a trend to be dependent on parents for a long time. But, in foreign countries, the situation is different as student start their earning from a very early age. Foreigner student don't want to be dependent on parents for pocket money. But in our country, parents don't want their children to do a part-time job for pocket money. Indian parents think that a part-time job means diversion from studies. They would not concentrate on studies. So, this trend is very less in number in our country but now due to globalisation, people are considering it as good. Now, many students earning pocket money by doing a part-time job in our country.

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    In our country, the population is very high. It is almost 135 crores. Many qualified people are not able to get a job and they are not able to take of their families. Slowly such unemployed people are trying to earn something with these part-time jobs.
    Another aspect in our country is the family concept is very strong and father and mother will take care of their sons till their education is completed and settled in a job. The feel if their children should concentrate on their studies and then try for a job seriously without wasting any time. If they go for part-time jobs, they feel that their children will lose time which can be utilised for studies or for searching for a job.
    But there are some students who go for part-time jobs. Many of the paperboys we distribute papers in the morning are students only these days. similarly, the milk packet distributors are also mainly students only. Going for a part-time job or not, will depend on the financial condition of the family and the requirements also.

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    The trend of part time jobs is now gradually increasing everywhere, there are many students who are giving jobs to young children along with their studies, baby siting, jobs in play school in many ways so that they have fulfill their normal expenses there. Today's youth want to become self-dependent as soon as possible, part time jobs have or play an important role in this process.
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    In India also, the students pursuing higher studies are pursuing part-time jobs but the difference is that our society does not find it good. So the students usually do not disclose the same as it will raise question on the financial ability of their parents. In fact, parents also do not prefer part-time jobs by their kids if there is not constraint related to finance. Whereas in foreign countries, students prefer to become independent as soon as possible. Indian students who go abroad to pursue their studies, also prefer having a part-time job as per the rules of their respective universities and their Visa.

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    The problem is mindset. In our country a 9-5 job is considered a well paying job. Other aveneus of monetary benefits which may pay in a different manner are considered lower class. For example take blogging, now in blogging it is certain that you wo'nt make much money intially but later on as your content and viewership increases you can even ditch your job and work on it full time because you'll be making more than a regular corporate employed professional. If you remember I had asked a question in the experts section regardimg the scope of trading. Now trading is really a very big area and possibly the most rewarding after consultancy and chartered accountants in the field of finance. But because of the risk factor people do'nt go in that area. I do'nt blame the society and parents too because unless we've better security on a primal basis searching and experimenting with new aveneues wo'nt come into our society and believe me this a very important thing espc for our society because of our population growth. We need a new aveneue every six month in our country or atleast one in a full year or so to fulfill and accomodate all the students in our country. Our government should create a universal basic income for all students who are trying to bring new areas of knowledge intoour society and benefit the general population by creatinhpg jobs for them.

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    Students are supposed to spare time for reading and insulating the knowledge in real life. If they spend time on earning, they more not concentrate on education at a tender age. Any student above 18-21 years has extensive knowledge about his goals and strategies to reach out. These students would have inculcated time management and hence can add some values through part-time jobs. This will help them to cater to some minimum requirements associated with their education.
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    There are some genuine reasons in our country which are not allowing this to happen in a big way. First is the cultural and traditional attitude which is against working till a person completes the education. Second is when there is no compulsion from the parents for such a work why the child would take initiative. It is basic human nature to avoid work. Third reason which is also very important is that in our country the labour rates are too low and no student would like to work on such low rates. So, until these basic premises change nothing would happen.
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    Some persons are only not doing or not interesting to take part time jobs. Even 15 years I met a boy selling leather belts, hand kercieves as street vendors at Gandhi Nagar,Bangalore. He told me that he is taking up the job for meeting his education expenses.
    In 2008 I met a boy selling flowers on the streets of Sitabuldi, Nagpur. Many students are not hesitating to take up part time jobs. But it is good if graduated students accept the available jobs, they can gain experience and through which their future shines well.

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    Generally parents want that their children should focus on study instead of seeking kind of source of income for their extra money other than what they get from their parents. Also I don't corroborate this suggestion that students should work for their pocket money unless their parents are poor. In this situation it's rather obligatory on students to earn so much money that they can bear expenses of study at least partially.
    However, during long vacations students should utilise their time in substatntive and constructive activities which include summer job as well. It gives them exposure to real and practical world.
    Why students do the part time job in foreign countries can not be accepted as a role model type thing. Generally in US and European countries they do part time jobs because it demands their culture. If you don't know then you will be surprised to know that money which parents spend on their children's education or raising them these children when grow up and begin to earn money, generally, have to return all money to their parents as a debt.
    Most of them leave their parents for never meet again or meet after many years on any special occasion.

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    I don't think that parents are averse to their children working part time, neither are the students themselves less keen to do so. In fact, my neighbor's daughter engaged in lots of part time jobs when she was a student. Her parents also supportive about this fact as they are a lower middle class family and this extra money was going for their daughter's future studies. That helped her gather the huge amount required for her master's course in engineering. The question here should be what kind of part time jobs should the student engage in. We are seeing recently that lots of young people are engaging into anti-social activities to get quick money. This should not be considered by the students as ideal "Part-Time" job. In fact, I believe, students are more interested into part-time jobs or some quick cash to help themselves in their struggling period of their career. However, the choice of jobs is very important here. That means any part-time job by students are welcome or should be welcome to adults if they are legal.

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