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    River with flowing water remains fresh and stinks when stuck, mind is somehow similar.

    A river with flowing water remains fresh, while a water that gets stuck at a place begins to stink. Mind is somewhat like this only. It is full of ideas, thoughts, imaginations and we must express our mind whenever possible.

    When a water in a pond or river gets stuck at one place it becomes to rot and emit smell, similarly if a mind is not expressed it starts to get confused and full of doubts and negativity.

    We must take care and be like a flowing river never failing to express our mind now and then to keep flowing like a river.

    I think this forum itself is a mean to express our mind and be fresh and active. What do members say?
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    When the river flows with full stream it gets into momentum and occupies all the left over places either too have been encroached or occupied by the human habitat. A swallow river is dangerous as it may cause immense destruction, and let the water flow to the destination. Likewise our mind should be confronted with the flow of information no matter we known many things and much more than others. The water is equal to the information flow for our mind, and we must keep on exploring new ideas and new aspects. One thing is sure if we are not going to give work to the mind, it would remain stagnant and the empty vessel makes much noise proverb would take the center stage in our life. Let the life be moving and inquiring about new things so that if not progress at least gathering information would takes place.
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    True. A flowing river is always fresh and taking a bath in those water give us happiness and freshness. But these days many people don't like to have a bath in water. They prefer their tub in the restroom. They feel that is very comfortable.
    I agree that our mind is also like that. It should be always thinking and should be getting new ideas. Instead of that if we are not getting afresh with new developments and knowledge we will not get new ideas. So we should always feed our brain with new water so that it will get stuck with some old ideas.

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    The author has told the truth, just as the dirt in the flowing river water is not able to remain, in the same way, when a man's mind is open, his thoughts are open, then there is no dirt inside it, just as the river is flowing in its way after cutting all the troubles coming forward, no one has been able to stop it, in the same way, human beings go ahead by tackling their own problems. We should always keep our thinking big and open so that we can respectfully adopt the changes in life, people with small and closed intellects only take their lives out in the rut of taking care of themselves and crying out their failures but at the same time open minded people, new ideas come to the brain that work to shape the future.
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    When we continuously engage ourselves and remain active and move forward to pursue our goals then there is no stagnation and that is what is required in our lives. People who try newer and newer things and take risks, sometimes achieve much more than others who are lazy and slow in their actions. Stagnation is the main reason for our deterioration. Each day we have to plan and attempt new things.
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