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    Bollywood a cartel for actors or a massive drug den?

    The CBI inquiry which is going on to determine whether Sushant Singh Rajput was attempted suicide or have been murdered has taken new twist and turns after the enter of Narcotics Control Bureau which has now grilled the main accused Rhea Chakravarthy and extracted statement that as many as 25 Bollywood actors were involved in drugs and she gave much more details on drug supplied held during shooting of many famed films released few months before and this NCB is digging for more information. The Bollywood is stinking now.
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    Well, actually sir drug peddling and other such social evils are present in every industry in some disguise. The entire industry cannot be held accountable for the actions of a few. Yet a few malign the image of many. This is a very sad state of affairs among humans. However let justice take it's course and bring the once accountable to accountabilty for their wrong actions, which destroy the youth and talent in our society

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    Also, some actors have been caught from Karnataka. Ragini Dwivedi is one actress who has been arrested and being investigated. There is a big gang behind the drug sale in the filmdom. Thank God! It is not being sold in the ticket counters.
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    I am surprised by one thing. Does any investigating agency give a running commentary about the investigations they are carrying out? The media is busy all the time with twisting tales about an unfortunate incident and many are glued to media or social media posts about what has actually happened. How the media is getting all such information throughout the day? Is there any spokesperson from CBI or NCB who is providing so many information every hour? I don't think so and investigations are not carried out in this way by revealing every detail on a regular basis. Let the investigators do their job and file a charge sheet and then only we will be able to know who is the culprit. By the way, while investigating who decides who is the primary or secondary accused? Investigating agencies are carrying out an investigation and it is not done by any media or public. We should not get carried away by the media reports. There are so many things happening around which can be reported or widely publicised but the media chose the other way. They decide which is sensitive and important and we remain compelled to react to such reports. We need to think about it.

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    I think the full details are not known and not published anywhere and some information is bits and pieces only is given by the newspapers. We don't the complete details. Unless otherwise the full details are published we don't the actual story.
    One or two years before in Hyderabad also Narctotics problem has come and many leading personalities in the Telugu film industry were also grilled by the enquiry agency. But nothing happened and people forgot completely about it. Even the very well known director Rajmouli was also suspected and grilled in this narcotics case, those days.
    So as mentioned by Sankalan one should not completely take this news as correct and we have to wait for the official announcement.

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    For common people it is better to think less about that field where lots of unusual and unethical practices takes place. A very few people are innocent and honest in that field. I think at present Sushant's news is an overrated news that is rocking the entire country. Is he an ideal person to show our mercy and waste our valuable time in digging about minute by minute news about him?

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    It appears that some recipes of drugs is being boiled in a pot and once it is served to the masses they will have the different tastes. Public are glued to TV to watch how far it is away from its final preparations . Anyway, they are satisfied with the News Coverage. They should understand the roles of the media persons that they are managing their own jobs with the display of the same news repeatedly. Though it cannot be denied that narcotics has penetrated in the Hollywood industry long back and the rate of addiction has taken a serious proportion. However, the fact is that with the time, the intensity will get diluted with the closing of genuine files.

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    There is definitely something somewhere missing in this case and that is the reason that CBI has been entrusted to find the truth. The behaviour of state Govt agencies is also very strange and creating more confusion in the case. Since beginning many bizarre things happening and public is getting more and more doubtful on the integrity of some people. The film industry is going to face the wrath of the people and may be the wrath of the investigating authorities. Let us see how the truth is being churned out in public by these investigating agencies.
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    Because of doubts and ambiguities whole country is looking up to the developments in this case and hope that the culprits whoever they are would be booked as per the law. If a cartel is proved then many would be behind the bars not only for the alleged killings but for drug trafficking. The strange behaviour of the local administration is creating more and more doubts in this particular case.
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