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    Members are requested to solve the following puzzling questions to the best of their ability

    A) Which came first the egg or the chicken?

    B) A farmer goes into a field. He falls asleep whilst in the field. He dreams that he's working in a field just like the one he was working on in real life. He finds a book buried in his field which shows him walking into the field and going to sleep. Prove which of the reality he experienced is true.

    C) If two people marry each other, go to sleep and then wake up finding each other in opposite bodies. Do you think they'll still be legally married to each other.

    D) What comes before but does not go before. Yet is the most sought after before in the world.

    E) What is the color of a random object X?

    F) If you slept in a cave and dreamt of being a butterfly, and woke up to find you're a human. Are you a human or a butterfly?
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    1. Chicken.
    2. Going into the field
    3. Yes
    4. Life and death
    5. Black
    6. Human
    Funny Questions and funny Answers.

    No life without Sun

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    A) The egg. The chicken came from the egg that would have been made from two different species.

    B) A farmer goes into a field.

    C) Yes, providing they are not in different people's bodies.

    D) Life

    E) multicolored

    F) Human

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    (A) Egg.
    (B) Farmer goes into field.
    (C) Yes.
    (D) Death.
    (E) White.
    (F) Human.

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