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    Time does not change but the character of people changes

    Any time becomes difficult for us when we stop getting support from people who promise to always stand together, we feel that time has changed but time has not changed because there is no change in its nature, it is only going away, like a traveler is quietly on his long journey.
    In my view, the only difference between good times and difficult times is that even difficult people come with you in good times, your relationship with them goes on, whereas in difficult times, such people get away from us for whom we live the whole life. So time did not become responsible for this. People's character is responsible for this.
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    Over a period of time, the mentality and behaviour of the people will be changing. Yesterday he may be very good with you but today he may not. This may be due to something that happened to hin or to you or for both of you.
    Wife and husband who stayed together may get separated. All these issues are mainly changes that are happening in the people. But we attribute them to something else. This is human nature. One should introspect and see why these changes are happening and what is the action required from our side to see that we will not change in a way that we harm others for our benefits.

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    What I feel that apart from time , it is our behavior with others and how we respect and get along with relatives and friends alone would decided our stand in the relations. Though we blame the time was not good or time was not ripe to strike a cordial deal, have we ever ponder over as to what we have done to have the best time going? Time is abundant for those who think positively and time is less for those who does not think at all. What I feel that friends and relatives would be swarming you during your good times and good position of life and as soon as bad times started, they would desert you and you are left alone to mend ways. That would be taxing situation for any one because we have not respected the good friends during their bad time and thus there would reactions from other side too.
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    When we come in contact with people for a longer time then we find many things about them and in that process find that there are certain traits which are not good from our point of view. Same thing that person also starts thinking. This creates a changed scenario between the persons.
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    Yes, time is a constant factor that runs continuously. All other factors work as the variable which affects the nature of time as good, bad, difficult, happy, etc. Single time can be difficult for one and easy for another one depending upon their respective situations. Yes, we usually say that people change with time but that is not completely true. We change ourselves and change our behavior towards others based on some experience and then their behavior also changes towards us. So, it is like a 2-way reaction. So, before blaming others, we should check ourselves.

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