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    We need a new Finance Minister, very urgently

    The absolute disaster is there for all to see. The worst contraction in the GDP over several years is now out in the open. Nirmala Seetharaman has been one of the worst Finance Minister. The economy is in a shambles. The Finance Minister does not have a single clue as to how to revive the economy.

    Jobs need to be found. Government spending has be kick-started once again so that the poor are provided with at least contract jobs., The factories need to be provided incentives to hire at least apprentices from among the vast armies of diploma and engineering graduates, so that they will at least get some training. The time to think aloud is now. However, Nirmala has been found wanting on every count. To escape responsibility for the sorry state of affairs by attributing it to God is the worst comment that one can hear from a Finance Minster.

    The Prime Minster has to hire this talent from outslde. After all, the external affairs minister is a former official who handed similar responsibilities. Let the PM be bold and hire Dr. Rangarajan or some some other economist in this crucial time of crisis.
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    Well, to put it blankly. These are not just the decisions of the government or a minister. It is the whole damn community making a decision. What they decide is what they get. Now they've decided to participate in religious fanaticm, so who's to blame the community or the minister. What you choose is what you get. You chose those sort of people to lead the country and they chose representatives who were incompetent. So who exactly can be held responsible here. The people, the polity or a single individual. We need to learn to make good and informed choices about the leaders that we choose so that in difficult times they can atleast help us, and not be in dark about what is happening to the masses at large. The comment made by the said minister reflects whatever was discusssed above. Hope this answers your question. Regarding wether they will hire someone from outside, maybe if they're a bit concerned about the masses and not about the percentage of votes they're going to earn in upcoming elections. They might do it.

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    Sir, jobs cannot be built in thin air. It is high time that we all come together and participate in nation building process. Unless we do that forget jobs, forget universities and forget Ram rajya. To create a true state filled with dharma and satya we must partcipate and be focused in the nation building process not just us but the whole world needs to do that since economic recession is global. We must forget our differences and come together focus more on skills and education, invest in new emerging technologies improve the conditions of farmers create a healthy blockchain ecosystem, and let students partcipate and create stuff. Controlling everything from bottom to top is not the answer to developingba balanced economy with laizzze fareiz principles of equitiblity and freedom of expression. The government's job is to help the people evolve not to dominate and subdue them to a regressive level of thoughtprocess. Hope this answers the thread satsifactorily.

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    You are wrong with your assumptions and presumptions at this stage. All the world countries have been hospitalized for Corona. Not only the Indian economy, but all the countries are also suffering from poor economies. We should appreciate Indias survival with very limited death rates. We cannot blame our Finance Minister for this pandemic and its effect on GDP. We can delay our GDP growth, but we cannot lose our citizens due to pandemic. There is nothing wrong if she has taken the name of God. The prevailing situation demands God to look into it. She is a Brahmin lady who believes in God.

    Why not you suggest ManMohanSingh from the opposition to be Finance Minister who is said to have handled GDP well during their government.

    Wait till we come out of the COVID 19 to discuss issues relating to our growth and development. It is not time to criticize the government or the Ministers or the bureaucrats.

    No life without Sun

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    The author has been venting his ire on the present GDP low growth situation and he must understand that pandemic caused the collapse of economy all across the world and not particularly India. The loss of jobs and money flow for the past six months has affected the market greatly and it is the temporary setback. And by suggesting a change of Finance Minister the author has once again displayed the ignorance that India has the firm economic policy making decision makers at the secretary level and Ministers are occupying the chair as ornamental presence. So by changing a minister would not guarantee the best results as hoped by the author. One thing is sure, India never came across such worst situation in the past and yet we managed the things so boldly and just wait for another three months to get best results than before.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It does seem that both SUN and Mohan Sir have totally forgotten the fact that the decline in GDP of India, is the worst in the world. Please refer to any data. It is quite true that Coronavirus has had an impact. But the actual decline started much earlier. The Finance Minister was clueless and did not adopt any good strategy. On the one hand, crores of rupees were given to the rogue industrialists like the Adani group. They have piled up debts like never before. God only knows when the money will come back.

    The ruling party only blames the Congress but forgets its own blunders. I really wonder how Mr. Mohan can support such an incompetent team of minsters and the worst Finance Minister has ever had since Independence. Dr. Manmohan Singh is a world-class economist. But our ruling party people will not even take his suggestions. God save this country at this stage. Why should we continue with someone who is incompetent?.

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    AB Sivakumar should understand that the Finance Ministry is not run solely by the Minister alone. There are experts in the field of economics who guide the Finance Minister. The Finance Minister too qualified in economics and commerce. Yet she consults and take the advice from her secretaries before implementation.

    If at all you need a change in the Finance Minister, I would strongly recommend Dr. Subramanya Swamy for that post. At present, he is the most suitable economist available from the party. Given a chance, he would shape India well with GDP growth. But the party doesn't like the attitude of the outspoken/straightforwardness of Mr. Swamy. Mr Swamy calls a spade a spade.

    No life without Sun

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    I do agree with the author that India wants a strong economy policy now but already impetus has been given during the lock down period itself and the results are expected in the next quarter. We have been getting good response and more produce in agriculture sector, likewise infrastructure and Industries would also progress as they are in the path of achieving the targets. Even if Manmohan Singh was offered the seat he would decline to accept because the Finance Ministry is not that easy job for anyone one and Nirmala Sitaraman is having good advisers around her and backing of PM Modi who is fully confident of her performance sooner or later.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Changing Finance Minister is not in our hand. We can't do anything now in that direction. The government is having a full majority and going strong in the centre. So unless otherwise the Prime Minister and parliament think, we can't change the Finance Minister.
    We all cast our votes and elected the government. Then people are happy and given the same party another term. The present situation is mainly due to COVI19 and still, we have not recovered from that issue. The Governments are working on that and trying to minimise the effect.
    Taxpayers will not pay tax and Industries will not run and lay off the employees. Is it not a serious issue? How government can provide food to the high population country. As a Citizen of this country, we should think and support the government whether you like it or not and see that the country will be out of problems. Let us all work together keeping the Nation in our mind forgetting the differences and affiliations. This is the best for all the citizens of the country.

    always confident

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    Ministers are also human beings. They too have one brain to think, two eyes to see, two ears to listen, one mouth to speak. At this crucial time of the pandemic, we should not criticize the government. Instead, we should support and suggest means and measures to the government as to what to do and what not to do. Some might hear it, some might ignore it. Certainly something would work positively.
    Write letters, send e-mails to Prime Minister, Home Minister, Finance Minister and Defence Minister. This is what should be done by intelligent members like the author, rather than criticizing the government, crying and shouting from this platform.

    No life without Sun

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    This is certainly not the time to criticise the government for their lapses if any. Yes the present turmoil is due to the pandemic situation having affected on all fronts. Now is the time to think rationally how the ailing economy is not likely to affect the livelihood of middle classes by sacking the employees because of over strength of the staffs. Such a decision would naturally affect the consumption level of the commodities available in the market. The employees being terminated at this juncture were the productive class of people once and their ideas and suggestions fetched the company significant profits.
    The best way for the government would be look into the problems of the employees and there should be a talk between Employers and Government to retain the existing force so that a wrong message does not percolate to the society. Employers, too, should behave in a matured way to diffuse the present turbulent situation.

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