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    "Good things come to those who wait", is taken way too literally by someone.

    Everyone must have heard of this "Good things come to those who wait". This has been taken way too literally by someone that he is still waiting.

    I have a friend who wanted to marry a girl since he was in school, but it did not happen in reality. This was way back 23 years ago. As on date my friend is still waiting to marry her and on the other hand, that girl has moved on with life and married and has a child too.

    Now, I don't know what he is still waiting for and what will he get only he knows. Myself and other friends try to convince him but he is adamant and hopeful that something will change someday and she will come to him, as he said at that time "Good things come to those who wait".

    Still wondering that he has taken this quote way too literally. What exactly it means is now a mystery to me and has any member faced anything as such and can they shed light on this.
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    It may not be correct. Good things will come to us when we pursue them. If you want to bath in an ocean after the tides go down and wait on the shore for that time, you can't take bath forever. This is my understanding of life.
    If your friend is loving somebody and wants to marry her, he should go and tell her his love for her and ask opinion and decide. Instead, if he waits for her to come and tell her love, it may not happen any time.
    In any issue, we should do our work and give sufficient time but the wait can't be an endless process. By waiting for years together without reading and writing the examinations you will not get your degree. You have to work hard and fare well in the examinations, then only you will obtain your degree.
    Same is the case in any issue. That is why people say do you work with utmost sincerity and the results will come automatically.

    always confident

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