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    Devotion and ambition cannot go together, how much true is it?

    It is a common belief that 'Devotion' and 'Ambition' can never go togther as 'Ambition' involves pursuit of Worldy affiars viz. fame, position, prestige and sensory pleasures, while 'Devotion' involves pursuing spirituality/God beyond this World.

    Can members help in demystifying the same because as per my understanding both are not independent of each other as ambition also requires devotion.

    Ambition may or may not have place for devotion but devotion always has a place for ambition.
    There is nothing wrong in being ambitiously devoted.
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    The spirit of human love and affection lies primarily at the center of the practice of devotion and its development, by which it can be done by completely destroying even the smallest ego. Ambition is an idea that you decide to give a special importance to. It gradually changes to the goal of life. You put so much life energy into the idea that it dominates your existence. Then you forget that you are the one who made it. Devotion is an ambition in which a person appears to be doing well to others, along with self-welfare, but it is a positive ambition, but when a man completes it, suppresses the thoughts of others or others, it is a negative There is ambition but in both types of ambition a feeling of self-will is primary.
    Swati Sharma

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    Ambition requires devotion. In the same way, devotion requires ambition. It is difficult if we have only one. If we have an ambition, to get it fulfilled we should devote a good time for that and we should see that we will fulfil our ambition. If you have ambition but if you have a no devotion towards that ambition, how can we fulfil our ambition?
    If we consider devotion is for spirituality, we should get that devotion only when we have the ambition of attaining a stage of no birth. So here also we require ambition. Devotion is never alone to Godly matters. One should have devotion to his work. One should have devotion towards his parents and family. One should have devotion towards their goals in life to achieve them.
    Devotion and ambition both can co-exist in a person. It is not correct to say a person having ambition can't have devotion.

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    It is a misbelief that devotion or spirituality is different from practical life. People usually say that we spend so and so time completely devoted to God and the rest of the time, we have to remain practical. Otherwise, we will not be able to survive in the real world. Spirituality is not different from the real world. It leads us to the path of peace, love, and kindness. If we cannot apply the learned values to our day to day life, there is no meaning in learning them. Spirituality is a way of life. It is not separate from the practical life that we live in.

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