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    If you want to be creative then get rid of your original approach

    We have been habituated to our original approach to all problems and task and therefore there cannot be creative idea being implemented. It is generally seen and felt that those who drive away from their originality have proved to be great going with new creative ideas that baffled themselves and others because in originality frame work we are not getting out of the fixed ideas and therefore suffer from creativity. So next time when you wanted to be spotted and appreciated for being different from others try something new and not attempted.
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    The author is right that If we want to be creative then we have to get rid of our original approach. Creativity is that person's ability to produce things or ideas which are essentially new and which he does not already know. People who do this kind of new work are called creatives or creators and the talent on the basis of which they create new work, new creations or new inventions is called creativity. Sometimes whenever we solve a problem or a work If we need a new idea to do it, then it does not come to our mind even after thinking a million, but sometimes such creative ideas, ideas or solutions suddenly come to our mind, for example, walking, bathing, driving or While doing some other work. This does not happen only with you, but the world has given a big innovation to these creative ideas.
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    True. Out of the box, thinking will give good solutions to many problems. In the same trying out of our original way may give us some times very good results.
    When we think about any issue we will keep some limitations to our thinking based on our past experiences or our knowledge on that particular subject. So we may miss many ideas. But if we leave them and start thinking about the subject without any limitations we end up with very good ideas. This happens many times to many of us.
    Sometimes when we are trying to find out a solution to a problem and we are not able to get an answer, somebody who is no way related to the problem may give you a clue which will help you in solving the problem.
    So as said by the author, don't go through highways to reach the distance. But try a new route so that you will be a creator of new route to that destination.

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    I think it's better to use the term 'usual approach' in place of 'original approach'. Creativity is very original and different from the usual way of doing things. You may follow a particular approach to do a certain thing but can we say it the original approach? There cannot be any such thing as an original approach because there can be more ways to do a thing, though there may be a prescribed way to get the best results. What is said in the last part of this thread is vital. To be creative one has to do things in a different way which was not tried earlier, an absolutely different approach from the usual way of doing it.

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