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    Never feel sorry for past mistakes

    All of us are human beings. We have our own strengths and weaknesses. It is quite common to sort of brood over past mistakes. After all, when we are all nothing but bundles of emotions and feelings, it is but natural to look into the past and feel sorry about every mistake that we did.

    However, we ought to understand that we cannot and should not be helpless about the past. The past is never going to come back to us. We just have today and we need to make the most of it. Every single moment is precious. Likewise, it is stupid to be lazy and then pray to God all the time. Even God will help only those who help themselves. Those who have succeeded in life have always done so only through tremendous hard work. The best example is M.S.Dhoni, who strains himself on the field like no other cricketer in the game.

    So, let us forget the past and move on. It is just as fine that we infuse this confidence in others as well.
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    We should keep forgiving ourselves for mistakes made in the past and then learning from the mistakes is a great experience, if you make a mistake once, you can be alert that you do not make such mistakes again. Your thinking is also encouraged. Your scope of thinking increases. You may wonder why this mistake was made and why it will not happen now. When you move towards one of your goals and make mistakes, you have two ways to either give up and back away or learn from your mistake and move on. Remember it is not wrong to make mistakes, but your biggest mistake is not to learn it by mistake and repeat it repeatedly. By learning from mistakes, you come to know your shortcomings and when you find out your shortcomings, then you also overcome them. But if we keep blaming ourselves or our luck for our past mistakes all the time, nothing will be achieved except disappointment.
    Swati Sharma

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    How can we forget the past mistakes from which we have learned huge lesson and also implemented our revised approach after coming across the grave mistake. When we have learned from the past mistakes then feeling sorry does nor arise. Mistakes happen and that is the indication that we have been working upon and the results left to the superiors to decided. Some one said in Hindi that " Galthian karo magar wahi galthi dhubara math karna" that means make mistakes but never commit the same mistake. If the author word is taken to be granted then there is no end game for the mistakes as we will not feel sorry and the mistakes happen now and then. One thing is sure, we should not waste our precious time on the issues which gone past and not usable in future, but we have to take account the reason for the mistake as to how it has happened and why it should happen to you and not others and that would resounding ponder over.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    We need not remember our past mistakes. But we should learn lessons from the mistakes committed by us and those lessons must be remembered forever so that we will not do the same mistake again and again. Forgetting the mistakes we have done and doing the same mistake again is a sin I feel.
    To err is human and learning from those errs also should be human and practising those lessons and not doing those mistakes again is also human. I think all of us should agree with this.
    But thinking again and again about those mistakes and worrying is not correct. There is no use of it. We should not live in past glory and in the same way, we should not spend and waste time thinking about the mistakes is not wise.

    always confident

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    The other meaning of feeling sorry for the past mistakes is learning a new thing from past mistakes. We can commit a mistake, but we should ensure that the same mistake is not committed twice or repeated.

    We should feel sorry and realize our mistakes, but should not keep worrying about past mistakes. The author has given an incorrect title to this thread. It should have been - "Never carry and worry about your past mistakes."

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