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    Whether the vicious cycle of poverty will ever end or not?

    Governments keep changing, but there is no cure for this problem called poverty. Poverty has become a problem for the country, which hinders the economic development of the country. There are many problems associated with poverty, such as crime, illiteracy. Many people in the country will find living on the streets, begging on the pavements. The children of these poor people cannot go to school, even if they want to study, it is poverty that does not allow them to read. One year, after two years of reading, they leaves school and start earn for themselves and the desire to raise money for the sake of the hunger, turns them away from studying. After all, how long does this 'vicious cycle' of poverty will continue.
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    Who ever ruled our country after Independence always wowed to alleviate poverty and hunger and even coined the famed slogon Roti Kapada our Makaan. But over the period of their ruling the ultimate beneficiaries are not getting the government schemes, instead the middle men are swindling away and this was revealed even by the former late Prime Minsiter Rajiv Gandhi. What he said that government released 1 rupee towards a person for his up-liftement and when he actually receive the scheme the value is just 14 paisa. That means 86 paisa gone to the hands of many and thus the poverty remain unchanged. Some one said in the past that there must be poor and rich existing together so that they get supplemented and complemented with the works and living and for the same reason the poverty stands.
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    True. Poverty is not leaving the country. Probably the people who ruled this country before and after independence also don't want this poverty to leave this country. So they tried to safeguard poverty in all possible ways and means.
    I will say the people who ruled this country wanted to keep up their supremacy always. If all are out of poverty, the people may not give weightage to them. So they want to majority of the people to suffer. They just give a few free bucks to them and see that they will be under their control.
    The governments should see that all people will have a way to earn their meal. That should be the concept. They have to encourage industries which will create wealth so that more people will get jobs and earn their livelihood. But the governments are more interested in give some free sops to them and see that they will in their fold.

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    Poverty in India is increasing and there seems no end to this problem. Do you think the country with -23.9 ever solve the poverty problem? Weak policies and weak decision-makers without any idea where the nation is heading, we can not expect any good to the country amid inefficiency. They were unable to even manage transport for labourers to take them home in March this year when COVID broke out in the country, leave aside alleviating the poverty.
    When a country is facing severe employment crises, farmers committing suicide, GDP depreciating to historic low and increasing border skirmishes, and all because of vague policies; a country can only crumble and the poverty can expand.
    I am shocked to see the news about farmers suicide in India due to lockdown on the front page of the New York Times while our own national media is discussing VIP security to Kangna. When prominent issues in the country become Kangna and ordinary things are widely covered we can only expect GDP at -23.9 and poverty increase!

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    Eradication of poverty is definitely a herculean task for any Govt in the present democratic set up. There are many reasons for it like population explosion, lack of jobs, concentration of industries and business in urban areas, neglect of agricultural sector, corrupt Govt machinery, and many others. Now to think that we would be able to address all these things is only a conjecture and nothing more. Though Govt has devised many benevolent schemes for the poor in the country but the system is so slow and corrupt that many times the benefit does not reach to the real beneficiary. Middlemen take advantage everywhere.
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    There is a theory that till rich men are there, poverty cannot be eradicated. But we cannot change the status of the rich people. In our country there is no problem of agricultural and other production but where we are lacking is management of resources. We utterly fail there. We cannot provide the jobs to the people even the menial jobs. Everywhere computerisation is being done and lower level staff are not seen. Another problem is there are people who prefer to beg rather then to work. We cannot do anything to improve them.
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    I will say only few words in this regard, " CHANGE THE MINDSET OF THE MASSES " !!!!!!!

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