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    The right decision is the one that is taken at the right time.

    Every person's decision-making capacity is different, the decisions we take, whether it is small or big, give a way to our life, so decisions should always be taken carefully. Maybe one of your decisions will change your life. Whenever we take a decision, we have many options, now it depends on us that we are choosing which option, so that it can make our decision right. It is a good fact that you should choose the same option for which both your heart and mind are agreed, but when the right decision is taken at the right time, then it is important only. We who are in our present-day situation in our lives are the result of our past decisions somewhere, That is to say, it means that whatever we do or become or do in our life, they are the result of our decision.
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    What my father use to say us that do not get jealous over others achievements and success as they have done the work at right time, right place and with right persons. The same is stated by the author now. If we see some people achieved their success at the young age because they got the right push, at the right time and at the right place, Push here means giving the right chance to the candidate to grab the opportunity. There are some people who are always lucky too as they do not toil in their life and yet they get success also. One thing is sure those who take the decision by thinking twice, and having a good approach towards the problem with definite action plan A , B , and C are always succeeded with success as they have made it a point to achieve the success at all odds and this confidence level takes them higher places.
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    This is absolutely right because time has a cost. If I have not taken a decision in time then my opportunity has gone unutilized and I have incurred losses. We have to be alert and proactive in taking timely decisions.
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    We take so many decisions in our lives but out of them what we take in time only matter. A belated decision has no worth or value. Many people say that if they were in that situation they might had taken some different decision but there is no point in telling that now as the decision has already been taken and there is no chance to review it. Every one becomes wise after the event has happened but the real wise is one who takes timely decisions.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    To achieve success in a particular field, a little home work is required to be taken. Suppose prior to starting a bussiness, the choice of the people in that region, time and consideration of profits are to thought properly but it should not take so much time that your project takes your backseat. Clarity in your approach is essential and execution of work at a right place and at a right time must follow.
    Woking smartly will land you to success and being over busy with the activities does not provide you success. In order to grab success, proceeding in right direction is essential.

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    Very true said by the author. Taking a decision at the right time is essential to grab success in life. Many qualified people lagging behind in life as they didn't make a decision at the right time. Time is considered as one of the important factors on the way of success. Often times it is seen that we fail because of the not proper decision taken at the correct time. Delay in the taken decision has no value. So it is said," Time is money". We should always give value to it.

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