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    Why pink for girl and blue for boy ?

    If there is a concern of buying clothes for a child, then we know that if there is a boy, blue clothes and if there is a girl, then pink clothes should be taken. It is a fairly common trend that most of us prefer blue for boys and pink for girls or any similar color dress.
    It is also believed that girls are fragile and pink is also seen as an identity of delicate things, on the other hand blue has been associated with seriousness and formality. Many times some boys do not want to take pink because according to them this color is a sign of delicate person.
    I do not understand why the colors of clothes are chosen according to gender. I am a girl and my favorite color is light blue and white, not pink. What do you think about this discrimination of colors as per gender and what is your favorite color?
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    Well there is no definite reason as pink color for girl and blue color for boys, what I understand that pink connect with the girl easily as they are fond of that color and the rose flower is also pink which liked most by the girls. And pink is such a color which goes contrast with other wears also and a girl looks more beautifully elegant in a pink attire and adds grace to the looks. Likewise the blue for boys always good and that is the reason being so many jeans brands are in blue and the dark blue is simply superb and I like that kind of jeans pants. Anyway there is no hard and fast rules on colors but since blue is accepted widely even our Board of Cricket control has chosen the blue color attire for our girls and boys teams and that is why our cricket team is also called the men in blue. This color is also identified during night.
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    I won't accept the theory of pink for girls and blue for boys. Generally, girls should wear light colours like, light blue, light green, light yellow that are attractive and create a good feeling in her and for the onlookers. Dark colours like black, dark blue, dark green, etc can be worn by boys.

    Above all, white is the best colour for both girls and boys. Girls may wear white with designs. White keeps both the sexes beautiful. Frankly speaking, I like white and white.

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    I don't think there is any such demarcation. Boys may like the pink colour also and girls may like blue colour also. In our native village, there is an English medium school and the uniform in that school is blue and white. The colour coder is same for both girls and boys.
    TRS Party in Telangana state is in power. Their favourite colour is Pink. Their flag is in pink colour and all the members where pink shawls over their dresses. This party is known as the pink party.
    There is no specific information or reasons to tell that girls like pink. Some studied shown that in the USA and Britan ladies in their middle age prefer Pink than blue. But reasons were not established. I feel the colour preference may depend on the way the elders teach the children in their house. Probably the mother's liking for the colour may become the liking of her girls also. Anyhow, I like to mention here that the compound I developed during my PhD will be in yellow and after reaction in will get converted to pink colour compound.

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    It is said that women are from Venus and men are from Mars. What this phrase implies is that there is difference in the way these two genders react or approach to colours, fashion, and choices of dresses and that is very conspicuous in our daily lives. So, some colours in the group of 'Red' are reserved for the women and most of them might like that also while colours in the group 'Blue' are left out for men who in general like that type of clothes only. Some serious males do not cross the territory of colours beyond black and grey and feel it graceful while some women keep on doing experiments with newer and newer colours mostly to 'Red' side. There is nothing wrong in having fancy for a particular colour.
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    This is only a phrase to differentiate between the different genders and as such does not mean it literally. Nature has made women more emotional and sentimental as compared to men and that can be depicted in any way even using colours.
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    There is no specific colour which can be correlated with gender. Everybody is using colour from their own choice. Generally what happens, pink is light and attractive colour so, mostly it is preferred by girl. Whereas Blue is dark and silent colour so it is used by boys. I have seen many pink colour school uniform which is used by boy and girl both.
    Pink is also one of my favourite colours. I like it as resemble with flower colour. I think girls look more attractive in this colour. Frankly speaking, it is only a choice of mind.

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    Our choices are determined by the way we tend to see or reflect ourselves on front of other folks. Personally speaking there is no specific color associated with any gendr. However for the sake of demarcation between genders and the roles assigned to them, the society creates specific notions about gender both male and female or otherwise. Frpm this pre conditioning girls and boys develop different consumer choices. A boy may like darker colors more than a girl who may prefer lighter colors. Similarly whilst marrying a girl wears either white, red, green or velvet colors in light shades, whereas a boy might wear darker shades like black, golden brown, creamish white or grey. All in all such choices differ from individual to individual and place to place as well as time to time. There is no preassigned color for females or males by nature as such. So let's keep it that way stay neutral, no bias. Hope this answers the query.

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