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    When men turn into machines!

    At times you may think that the other person is in your control because the person does exactly what you say. Some may say that you are employing some tactics because of which the other person is doing things according to your will without applying her/his mind or thinking of the consequences. There are many such people who think they have good control over others and I think, it is applicable in workplaces too. Though it is not any kind of special power because of which you may think somebody is controlling others, it has something to do with the thought process because of which people just follow things without applying their mind. Carrying out instructions to complete a task is very important which we all do regularly but not applying the mind while doing a task is a kind of habit. I found those who carry out instructions regularly without applying their mind is fond of doing things in that way only and they follow the same procedure for every action. It is something like looking for the exact item asked for in all the shops in a locality and if not found returning empty-handed without even asking the shop keepers about an alternative to the item. A stark similarity with machines, doing only what it is instructed to do. It happens when men turn into machines.
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    In some works, we may require such people who work like a machine. In the manufacturing industry, many of the people who work on the shop floor should follow the Standard Operating Procedures and perform the work. He should not use his brain while doing that work so that we will get consistently the same quality of the product. So I heard some managers saying to the people to come to the workplace by keeping their brains at home.
    But the people who design the process or decide on the SOPs should not become like a machine. They should understand the process well and they should also understand the qualities of the output properly so that once the people go as per the given procedure a quality product will come out.
    So whether the man has to become a machine or not in the workplace depends on the nature and level of work he is supposed to do.
    But one thing is true that a man should not become a machine and struggle 24 X 7 to earn money and see that his family is happy. He should also have his own time and should think about him also.

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