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    What activities we can do at Home during lockdown?

    What activities we can do at Home during lockdown? We know its difficult time for all of us can manage lockdown for self but kids can not accept it for long time. Living on single place for long time effect health also. We are also facing frustration due to long time living at room and work from home.

    Till date we tried many things to become normal but nowadays its become heavy , boring and many more things.

    Please suggest something to do different to avoid boring,and refresh our energy everyday, We already following yoga tips, prayers schedule and in house games with kids, online classes, reading writing and video making things.

    I learning lot recipe during lockdown time like Kadhi, vegetables, paneer , rice , dal etc.
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    There are many ways. You can select the activities based on your interest.
    If you are interested in learning a new language, you can start doing that online.
    If you have the interest you can read the epics and understand them so that you can appreciate the value of our culture and beliefs.
    You can spend some time on online writing.
    You can work in your garden every day. The garden need not be on the ground. You can develop a small garden on your on the terrace of the building or you can have some pots to plant plants.
    If you have any kids in the house you can spend some time playing with them.

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    It depends on your choice that what you like to do when you are at home, but the best option is your family, because where is the time between office, college and other work to sit with the family and weekends On the days, so much work is gathered that there is no more relief. Now when you have time, take advantage of it. Sit with the family, relive the nostalgia, turn an album so that the old memories revive. It would be better to keep a distance from the phone as long as it is not necessary. Play indoor games, tell stories and see this day will be included in your memorable days. You should remember all your old works which were not being done yet like set your clothes wardrobe, arrange the book rack. You have the right chance to fulfill all your hobbies, just don't be out of the house.
    Swati Sharma

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    Thanks for your suggestion and feedback on my thread. I hope it will help to many peoples. I want to add that working on ISC for some time is also good for learning and earning its help to grow yourself.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
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    Human nature is very particular in one thing and that is that it asks for change. So, in lockdown condition also it asks us to change the activity. There are a number of activities which members have already shared and there could be more like reading a book which we were just putting aside telling that we did not have time. Then there are playing games with the family members which we have totally forgotten during our office or company job period. We can pass our time in them but until one searches a new thing to do or change the job in hand with another, mind would feel stagnated with the one which we are undertaking for a long time. So, if we can kill the monotony it is easy to pass our time happily.
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