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    Religion should be a matter of choice and not coercion.

    In past few days most of us must have read about ban on some NGOs not once but twice. The bank accounts have been seized and their Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) certificate being cancelled.
    FCRA designated bank accounts receive donations from countries and donors from outside India. These NGOs were involved in coercive conversion of tribals and people living in deplorable conditions. The conversion was done by enticing them through jobs, food or money. Even the minutes of meeting of these NGOs had conversion as one of their purpose.

    These things are not only wrong but a blatant misuse of freedom in a democratic country like India.

    Choice of religion should always be a personal choice and all are free to choose any religion they wish but the same done in an organised way is not a good sign. There are other ways to help people and religion is just a path to salvation and each religion leads to same destination, then why this conversion.
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    The author has taken the controversial and yet a must topic to be discussed in detail about the religion and the alleged conversions being taking place without the willing of the people and thus they are being deceived and the states where such conversion go on does not take punitive acts. Every one of us were born with a religion and is our right to have trust and follow our faith without any disturbance from any one else. But of late India has been targeted by the vested interest to convert to their religion and wants India to stop thrive with the tag of Hindu religion as dominant force. There has been consistent effort to convert those coming to Tirupathi and Tirumala to convert to their religion by handing over the pamphlets which promises money and lure for good job and the gullible public fall prey to such tactics. Many a time the Tirumala police have arrested the people and seized from then the alleged handbills.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We have to see from where the money for such evil conversions coming and check that main source. Is it from inside India or from some outside international group. What is the motive of those people engaged in these mean practices? Govt has to tackle these forces with utmost ruthlessness so that they should fear to do such actions in future. It is really in a very bad taste to give money to people and lure them to change their religion.
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    Neeru what I believe that most of the funding comes from foreign countries through their Ministries with a only goal to convert Hindus into other religion. In India they form a small NGO with a social cause tag and in the garb of it they would visit the slum and induce the gullible public to join their religion by offering cash largess and even house hold articles. In Hyderabad one particular ministry is offering autos for the unemployed youth and thus those who are in poverty and in dire need of a way to exist in the life, they are easily getting converted. Unless and until a strict action not taken we would losing much our religion people being converted.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This process of converion is a very well planned and covertly executed process, done under the garb of NGOs. There is a useless race of religion supremacy and there are many institutions that focus only on this. Earlier also this was done by setting up colonies in countries and the invasions we read in history books is also related to that. Since times have changed, the modus operandi has also changed but the aim remains the same.
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    Religion is a path. Every individual is free to take whichever path one wishes anyone found trying subversive or coercive way to get someone to submit is plainly wrong and undermines the freewill if that individual. The path is free to all each must explore it to one's heart desire. The soul is free do not burden it with temptations and lures.

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    These things are happening in our country for long and appropriate actions are not being taken on such institutions and NGOs. This is a serious issue and should be dealt with strongly. Some people spend money to attract people belonging to other religions and see that they will get converted to other religion. Such NGOs are getting money from other countries and these NGOs are showing the money as an attraction to some poor people and making them convert into the religion the NGO suggests. Once they are converted, they forget about the people and go and try some people in another place.
    Such NGOs should be banned and their bank accounts to be sized and they should be punished. The permissions given to them for receiving money for other countries should be cancelled. Then only such king of acts will stop. The government should go strong.

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    I am not agreeing with this. Religion is hailed to one by birth through his father. One cannot change his/her father or mother. It is better to rely on the system as laid in the religion he/she belongs through birth. Converting to another religion is meaningless as every religion tells the same thing but the way only differs. We call the water in many ways as pani, neeru, neelu, thanneer, vallam etc., but the thing is one and same. Similarly God is one but way of reaching Him is different.

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