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    Are you confronting with morning anxiety?

    Be it child, student, house wife or professional, the planning for the day starts early morning so that things go hand in hand whole through the day. For the child it may not be big anxiety but whom to meet and with whom to play will be the asking point. For student how to pull the entire day without meeting any friend and be online studies is the big anxiety. And for the house wife what kind of food has to be prepared for the day how the satisfy the taste buds of every family member would be her anxiety and for the professionals. they have to plan on how to take on the rivals in the business and how to move about the challenges. Do you feel the morning anxiety?
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    A very common issue with people of all ages being highlighted by author. The real issue with people is, lack of proper guidance. If we use the morning time to plan our day rather than allowing the daily chores to take over our sensibilties, then problem of anxiousness will be there.
    We should begin our day with exercise, prayer and meditation, then planning for the whole day and executing it will be very smooth no matter what issues crops up. Any anxiousness can be dealt with but we need to live a disciplined and balanced life first.

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    I think we should plan one day before about the activities for the day. Generally, when we go for sleep we will set our alarm to get up in the morning. If we do a little work here, our morning will be without any anxiety. My wife some days gets up at 5.00 AM and somedays gets up at 5.30 AM. She decides the time based on the work she has to do the next day. I will also get up either at 6.00 AM or 6.30 AM based on the schedule in the morning. Daily I will be busy from 6 AM to 1 PM. After that, I will have free time. Sometimes my work will get extended to 4 PM also. This programming will be done at least one day before.
    Some people will not do this planning and get up late and start running. That will create some problem. But these days there is a decrease in the morning anxiety. As the working from has given a lot of free time in the mornings to the people. There is no loss of time in commuting and while working on the computer in the house they can have their food also.

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    No. There is no anxiety about the activities for the day. I follow a set routine that satisfies me. I don't regret the past and don't dream about the future. What I think, I do it upto my expectation and satisfaction. I leave everything to destiny . Whatever has to happen that would certainly happen. It could be pleasant or sad or worrisome. Accept it and live with it.
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    We are all human beings and it is very difficulty to make our mind to face any thing going to happen. Before getting up from the bed we should make up our mind entrusted to the God as we interested or even on our parents. It is further better to have a practice of waking up early in morning before 5.00 am and do meditation by concentrating our mind to any God. It is apt time for mediation as we are free from disturbance such as phone calls, external sounds.

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    When we are habitually doing certain things in our daily lives then question of anxiety does not arise. But when suddenly more work load is poured in and we have limited time then it is natural to have a few pangs of anxiety and that is I think a normal human reaction. To avoid this type of anxiety it would be better if we prioritise the jobs and take up them as per their importance so that if worst come worst some of them could not be taken up then at least we have taken the important once in priority. There is always a limit to our strength and capacity and we should stop at that limit to avoid any inconvenience and anxiety.
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    Being a housewife my anxiety starts on the previous day itself. There are many reasons for that. If you do not plan the things on the previous day then the whole system would be in turmoil and every one be looking towards the housewife as if she has done some crime. So, it is better to plan for the next day well in advance and involve other members in that so that next day they cannot complain for any thing against their wishes. As an experienced housewife I have learned one thing that if you involve them they would accept everything as it is and you would be free of anxiety.
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