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    Kangana says she only lost few bricks but Maharastra Govt lost prestige

    The face off between the famed Bollywood character actor Kangana Ranaut and the Maharastra Government has taken ugly turn yesterday as the BMC has demolished part of her office until the court stayed the demolition action and said that it is one sided decision. The BMC also sought permission to demolish her house. But Kangana has took this action to social media and said that she lost few bricks but the state of Maharastra has lost prestige and honor in the eyes of voters. Vengeance politics never appreciated.
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    These days governments are taking many such actions against the people who fought against them. Unless otherwise it is proved we can't say who is at fault. In Maharashtra, it is between Kangana and the State government.
    In Andhra Pradesh, it is between a doctor and the state government. Like this, we will find many cases. Even in Telangana also some constructions were demolished but the court stayed those activities.
    Taking revenge as they have not supported them is also not correct. At the same time deviating from the rules and regulations and going for illegal activities is also not correct. We all should restrain from such activities. The politics are going to very bad ways and the parties in the ruling are going for damaging the people sho support other parties. These actions are also to be avoided.

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    Kangana matter may be good to give some bite to mentalities as of now.There is no real principle involved now. It is only party's catering to their vote banks. So she also gets some temporary vocal support by the 'enemy of my enemyis my friend' principle in politics.

    But no party can keep on suppporting or sustaining her as she is not a seasoned politician with grass root work or vote bank support. Very soon the emotional interest will wear out and she may be ignored by every one.
    But she may have to sustain alone as she has rubbed the strong local party with her immature and non-diplomatic ,non-professional responses and reactions. Though the regional party also has behaved in an immature way with intention only to cater to the local base and score a few points from the BJP, they will hold, as parties can easily turn tables in their favour somehow.

    Kangana may be left to fend for herself soon and she may be forced to come to some compromise .

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    What I predict is this. Kangana is more intelligent, brilliant and clever than RG. A new seed has been sown in politics. Being a celebrity in the limelight, she is likely to prove in politics. The local party in Maharashtra has done a grave mistake by involving in revengeful acts against a woman. They will pay for their deeds. Wait and watch.
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    Situation of movie actors in film industry is quite precarious. It's an ostentatious industry where emotions have no importance. Producers make movies for earning money, this is why career of these actors utterly depends on business of their already released movies. If they get their movies flopped or are unable to attract a large number of audience then they find themselves in problems to survive. This trend is quite obvious and well-known about the film industry. However, wise people take timely decision for seeking kind of alternatives.
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    There are many apprehensions and doubts in the mind of public about this case and the demolishing of Kangana's house has evoked further interrogatives in the common man's mind. The image of Maharashtra Govt is now at the stake as people are telling that Kangana was targeted with a revengeful mind. Now today there is some news that central Govt is taking this matter seriously and some more agencies might be asked to unearth the drug racket in the country. I think first thing Govt should do is seize the passport of all the doubtful persons because once they leave the country it will become a big job to bring them back for sentencing to jail.
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    This case is now going to be more and more complicated and central Govt would not like this type of mess in any state of our country. If there is some drug trafficking and such offences behind all this incident then people involved in it would be booked as per the law of the land and it would be very difficult to escape from the punishment. I think before the authorities arrest them, they should surrender so that their punishment can be reduced based on the good behaviour parameter.
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