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    Entrepreneurs have to get into "will anyway spend" businesses

    It is not without reason that many IT professionals are now into organic farming, particularly in vegetables. One needs vegetables to survive. One can spend a bit less. For example, if I were to regularly buy one kilo of potato, I will just buy half a kilo. I will buy the spinach because it is not only cheap but more healthy. But buy I will. Vegetables have to be purchased anyway.

    Entrepreneurs have to go into such businesses. For example, small hotels are now seeing a massive increase in demand; people with limited resources will always go back to such hotels and eat things very hot. This is because the hot food may not carry the corona virus. People will still buy readymade shirts and pants; the guys who sell four shirts of pants or shirts for Rs.999 will laugh all the way to the bank, because that will cloth me and millions of others for another 12 months before this virus dies out. Yes, the traders may have reduced profits. But they need to follow the Saravana Stores model of Chennai where billions shop at cheap prices. The profit margin is liess, but the volumes make up for the loss in profit margins.

    Entrepreneurs can look up to increased sales of Ayurveda and Siddha drugs that increase immunity. The list goes on. Entrepreneurs need to understand what will sell. Only businesses connected with basic needs will sell for another eighteen months. Luxury market is almost down to one hundred percent.
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    The pandemic has taken away all our little saving and also the valuable job. Left with no other options people are doing alternate works and jobs without investment and it is difficult to survive. But what the author suggested to open a small hotel business and thrive on its earnings. However hotel business is not that easy as envisaged and thought by the author. Before pandemic there were three middle class hotels near my house. But two new hotels joined the race and even started to charge less. However we have been going to the old hotels only because, we know the taste, the hygienic way of doing things and above all the items are to our liking. Unfortunately the two new hotels has to be closed with no or less business. But the old three hotels are surviving even after the pandemic as they are getting our patronage.
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    Yes. Many people are going for the purchase of basic needs only. So people should think of having the business in those fields. As mentioned by the author, in Hyderabad also I have seen many people going for an online vegetable marketing business. But what I noticed is organic vegetables are not cheap but costlier than normal vegetables. Many people are thinking of purchasing these vegetables even though they have to spend a little more as they are good for health and immunity will increase.
    Another trend I have seen in Hyderabad these days is that people are cooking food in their house and supplying personally to the customers near them. That is giving them to earn some reasonable money and they are able to make a living.
    Like that we should go for supply of products which are required for many people and that item should be an essential item to the general public. Then it will go fast. Masks and sanitizers are also coming into the market in a big way.

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    The author has suggested different outlets providing you huge margins even in this pandemic situation. These new models are to be explored to enhance our income to some extent. As we all are aware that a little more amount invested in the purchase of organic vegetables provide us security mentally. We can think of starting some food outlets in our locations where wholesome breakfast and meals can be provided at reasonable rates to our neighbours. There is a scope of substantial earning in food outlets provided you come up to the expectations of the consumers. Earning money is not difficult provided you are aware of psychological nerves of the customers.

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