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    Encourage Graduates and MBAs to take up unpaid internships

    The secret of success is experience. If a guy is lazy and sits at home and gives the lame excuse that he or she was not able to get a job because the jobs are not there, he or she will not be preferred in any organization, when the economy opens up after the COVID fear is gone.

    For instance, parents and teachers need to encourage any commerce or engineering graduate or even MBAs from unbranded institutions who would have completed their courses in the year 2020 or even 2019, to take up jobs that do not pay anything. Such of those MBAs who stay with their parents in any city -- even small cities will find trading companies that need the services of accountants to handle all accounts and GST formalities. If he or she opts to work for free, the companies will really welcome that, for the simple reason that they get free manpower. Those with specialization in HR need to approach any factory that is still in operation. Particularly factories manufactuing auto components that have good export markets. The HR department is likely to happily accept anyone who volunteers to work for free. Since the MBAs and graduates are anyway under the protection of their parents, taking up unpaid intersniips and training opportunities is one sure way of making oneself ready for employment after the pandemic is gone.

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    True. Experience is key for getting a good job. While doing the course if students can take up some internships of one or two months duration, that will help them to get some skills and certificates which will help in finding a good placement by the time he completes his course. Project work or internship is a mandatory requirement for some courses and that will be in the final year. But before that also if the student during the vacation can take up an internship as mentioned above will give him an additional advantage. My brother's daughter did two internships during her B.Tech in 2nd and 3rd years and she got placement in both those organisations after she completed her course. But she joined in a 3rd company.
    While studying students should look for such chances and try to get as many skills as possible so that their employability chances will go up.

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    Agree, There is a lot of difference between college life and working life. When college students start working, many things are required in them. The first thing that is needed is social skill. Social skills make you successful in the workplace. During the internship, the students develop it while working with the rest of the colleagues, which is very useful for them. During the internship, they learn how to adjust themselves in the office environment. A good social skill works well for an intern. One gets to learn things like keeping friendly behavior with office colleagues, observing other people, how people talk to each other in the office. Doing an internship before a job gives way to talk. How to talk to whom, how much to talk, what kind of words to use, etc. This further benefits the job.
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    Should we wait for the pandemic days to implement your suggestion? We should have thought it earlier prior to the arrival of Corona, in our normal course of life. We have plenty of unemployed students and they should have been provided internships with a limited salary. We failed. Now, all the same whether we do it or don't do it.
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    It is the general expectation of student and parents to seeks for earning mode once the education is completed. Some may get the right job and some get a just job. But what the author saying is something cannot sync with the thought process of present day parents. No one would be interested to send their children for unpaid job just to learn and get experience. And it would be shame on those companies which would seek free service of those students who ought to start earning with their good studies background. The author has been bringing such subject which cannot takes place but only can be discussed and forgotten.
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    In our society no one can digest working without taking money. Even the parents and other family members would not approve it. Still the thought tossed by the author has a merit that one can learn and gather experience by working without money. This culture has to come in our society. To get something we have to sacrifice something in our lives. This is nothing but a win-win situation as the company would get work done without paying and the person would learn in a competitive place the intricacies of practical working. Remember, sometimes we pay fee for learning.
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