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    World Suicide Prevention Day ..... suicide is not the solution of any problem.

    Every year hundreds of young people commit suicide and say goodbye to the beautiful world which was to be painted in the color of their dreams. It is not only the breakdown of a person's dreams, but also the loss of the emotions of a family, the precious energy of society and country.
    To save this precious life, September 10 is celebrated worldwide as World Suicide Prevention Day. The aim is to identify those trends and try to prevent suicide. Awareness on the subject has increased after the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput. From TV channels to tea shops, this remains a topic of discussion. Why does someone commit suicide? We do not have any exact answer to this. But by identifying some symptoms, you can save them.
    We all are very lucky to get this life and we should respect for this and recognize the positive form of the life and enjoy every moment while being happy, death is bound to come one day but when it does not come we should live openly, Bad thoughts like suicide should not be brought to mind at any circumstances.
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    The author has touched an important issue. It is important and sensitive. When life seems to challenge us putting us down we must face the hardships no matter what. Unfortunatley the culture today of consumerism has made us expect everything fast. This is not the way of the nature everything will come exactly as you want maybe even more but you must be patient. Only pateince and prservence coupled with hatd work can lead to ultimate sucess.

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    Suicide is a cowardly act people say. This is life. We will have happy moments and sorrow moments. We will have pleasures and we will have problems also. We should not run away from these problems. Young people who are not strong mentally can't handle problems they may face during this period and they may think of committing suicide and we are losing many young people in this way. In India, these suicide cases are very high than world averages. Every one hour one student is committing suicide as per the information available. Anger, becoming more emotional, not showing any interest in works and withdrawing himself from the group and participating in discussions are some early indications of mental weakness which may lead them to suicidal thoughts. If we notice such doubtful tendencies in our children, we should take them to a psychiatrist who can help them in coming out of that situation.
    COVID 19 making the things more worst. Many people are becoming anxious. They are getting fear and they are getting frustrated. These qualities may lead to suicidal thoughts.

    always confident

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    This is the important subject that need to be discussed. Suicide is the act a person gives his own punishment to end the life for reason best known to him or her. On this International Suicide Prevention day, what I would advise to those who are weak at heart, vulnerable to take wrong decisions in life, as they feel life is too short to experience all the goodness at one time and my only expectation from them is to live the life with full even in the most challenging situation because there is always a light after the tunnel is passed over and therefore they should not under mean their very good life and get along with what ever sad moments taken into their stride and be a great inducer and example to others who are closely watching your tryst with the life and how you are coping up even at the most sad moments.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Life is precious and its not even your to take. This life is a blessing and blessed are those who are born healthy and without any ailments. Destruction is easy by the creation and its maintenance is tough. To an extent, the extreme pressure of performing well in life is the main cause of suicide among students and earning well among young adults. There are many other reasons like marital problems and poverty (especially among farmers) but still suicide is not a solution.

    Its like a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

    It is important that parents should provide moral support and strength to their children rather than only keeping expectations. Most of the times it is for the sake of showing off to the society or for fulfilling their own desire which they were not able to achieve in their life, that they put so much pressure on their children to perform the best in every field.

    Have you ever heard that an animal or bird committed suicide? Then, how come we humans go below the IQ and sensibilities of animals. The animal kingdom value their life and they fight tooth and nail to protect themselves. We humans should learn from them.

    Live before you leave.

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    Life is precious, invaluable. Once it is lost, is lost forever, it's irreparable. When I hear any news of committing suicide by someone, it shocks me. How a person can kill himself is beyond perception and comprehension. However, it is sure that the person who has taken this fatal step, indeed, must be in tremendous pressure which he could not succum to. Sushant Singh is not the only case, hundreds of people commit suicide across the country about which we don't get any news, nor media ever highlight the news of these suicidal acts and eventually their news die in obscurity.

    Why people take this extreme step experts give their opinion about it but one thing is sure that who are brave to face every challenge, sorrow, pain, suffering and any outward incident in their life don't take this step. We can show our sympathy for the deceased but certainly his act can't be justified in any situation because he didn't kill himself only but also his family. He had to think about his children, his wife, his parents and all those close ones who loved him so much before taking this step.
    Often it's heard that any businessman committed suicide when he suffered a great loss in business and he wasn't able to pay debt. But suicide wasnot the solution of his problem. Will his family be able to live as comfortably as they lived when he we was alive, certainly not.

    May God protect all of us from committing this act.

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    The mindset of a person going to commit suicide is very different from the mindset of a person who is full time engaged for his career and prosperity. There could be many reasons for committing suicide but one of the main reason is the mental condition of the person who feels dejected and neglected in this world and feels that there is no place for himself in this selfish world. That goes deep inside his mind and then he keeps himself aloof from others and this isolation compels him to go for such extreme actions or steps in ones life. We feel that he has done a wrong thing but he is in a different state of mind and would not listen to us if we tell him not to take such extreme steps.
    Knowledge is power.

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