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    Do something in such a way that if you do it with one hand, the other will not know.

    If we help someone and later tell that help to other people or show their gratitude to that person, then there is no point in giving such help. We have heard from the beginning that "do good and forget it" is absolutely true.
    If you want to help, do it selflessly, not thinking that by doing this we will have a name or a good image of you among people. Help is called what no one knows, and someone else does well. When you help someone selflessly, you feel happiness and satisfaction from inside. When we help someone, in return to think that the person in front will also help us, it is not fair.
    Help is in the spirit of service and if you are expecting from the front that it will also help you, then your help is just a greed and if you are showing favor to that help again and again, then there is no benefit of such help. It would be better not to do this because it is not justice to suppress anyone by helping them.
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    True. The donations you give to needy should not be advertised. What you are giving with your right hand should not be known to the left hand. This is what elder people say.
    There was a rich man in our native place. He was the owner of an Ayurvedic medicines manufacturing organisation. He appointed many people who need a job. He used to give jobs if any poor person comes and asks him for a job. He used to help the employees by giving money to them in emergencies and also for the studies of their children. But no third person was knowing about the donations he was making. Only after his demise, people started discussing these issues. Such people are very rare. We should learn from such people.
    Helping others with expectations about something in return from may not be called help. It may be like give and take policy. Paying money to a poor man after getting some work done by him will never be treated as a help. If you give him something extra than what he deserves only can be called help.

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    If u do something in such a way like one hand do something and even yours other hand don't know. It is done by the very pure heart people.who know that if noone knows about my help for someone or do anything then my help is successful or something happens good for me. It is said tit for tat. If you do something good for someone God will do something for you. And if you do something bad for someone God will do something bad for you. Some people do 20%work and speak 80% for his work .This is very wrong way to do something or help someone. So we need help someone in such a way that if we do from one hand then even another hand don't know anything about the work.

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    There are different types of people in this world. Some only help others or society when you engrave their name on the wall or market about them that they had helped and show their names to the public through visual media wherever possible. These types of people are generally rich and now want to make themselves famous. They would not do any thing in the nature of help in isolation. They want to see the crowd and ask it to clap when their names are announced as the top contributors or things like that.

    I agree that best donation is hidden one where no one knows as who has donated. Unfortunately few people do it. When we were raising some fund for the renovation of a playing ground near our house then one gentleman came and told us that he came to our good intentions and want to contribute but does not want his name to be reflected in the WhatsApp group that he had paid so much for it. We were surprised but we mentioned in our account sheet after the completion of work that some anonymous person had given a good amount but had asked us to keep his name out of it.

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    Our elders used to say us that when ever you want to help others, do it silently in such a way that even the receiver should not know that we have helped him. In fact the left hand should not know as whom you have donated through the right hand. I have seen some donors that they close the fist and put the hands into other pocket and drop the amount. That means the receiver does not know what was given and how much was given. On the other hand there are publicity mongers as for every rupee they donate they want to be known in the public and they even go to the extent of their donation mentioned in big banners. The other day I have seen the name of the donors on the fans donated to our colony temple and on each fan wings his name was mentioned as if some one would forget his generosity. But there are donors who work silently and many does not know.
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