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    It is also necessary to have virtues with resources for success.

    In today's generation, one thing is very common that when they are asked, what they need to achieve their goals, then first people start counting the fulfillment of their resources. For example, if a student is asked what you need for the exam preparation, then that student will say - good books and study material, A study table, A mobile phone for updates, a bike or scooty to go to class, etc.
    I believe that all these instruments or resources have their own importance, but even more important is that person's dedication in studies, his concentration, honesty towards his goal, intransigence etc.
    A person will be successful only when he has virtue along with needed resources, little lack of resources will probably not stop anyone to achieve the target, but if a person have a lack of the qualities which may necessary to achieve the goal then one can probably be left behind by others.
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    True. There is rice. there is a vessel. There is active. There is water. So far everything is good. But somebody has to mix the rice and water in required proportion in the vessel and put the vessel on the stove and light it. Then only the rice will get cooked and will be ready for eating.
    somebody can take the horse to the pond but nobody can make it to drink. The horse should have the desire to drink that water. If we have the desire, the virtues will be showered on you.
    Our efforts are necessary to complete our tasks or to attain our goals. Money can by the required infrastructure. But the person should incline to perform. Otherwise, he will not be successful.
    Sometimes we may not have all the resources required. But if we have the desire we will try to utilise the available resources and get the best result out of it. Ambition or desire is more important than all other things. That why we often hear that " If there is a will, there will be a way."

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    It is a very good thread raised by the author in which she has explained how important the virtues are even in today's time. Values are more important than achievements. It is okay if we lack some resources in our life and it is completely okay if we are unable to achieve what we dreamt of, but if we lose our values, we will never remain happy. If we stick to our virtues, we will live a contented and peaceful life which of course is more important than anything in the world.

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    Virtue is its own reward. Those who have it are the luckier lot. They can shape their destiny as the virtuous ones are generally very disciplined and laborious. Having skills is one thing but being virtuous enables one to use those skills properly.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    This world is a place only for the capable and able persons who can work hard and maintain it throughout their lives. These people are having many traits which are a prerequisite for growth and development. They learn from their mistakes and gain experience in the process. Once they acquire good skills they further advance in their lives with renewed vigour. These people can adopt to changing situations quickly and might appear as opportunists. All these are the signs of virtuous people and after having so much in their kitty if they win in the race of the life it seems to be a usual thing.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Very true. Virtue is the identity of men. If you didn't develop virtue then your body is a frame of flesh. Those people only can survive in this world who has virtue to sustain life. Virtue is a major thing for getting success in life. The resource is also necessary but it may supportive on the way of success. I have seen many people achieving great success in life even though a lack of resources. It is essential for progress in life. You can manage resource any way but virtue can't buy from the market. It can be developed only by practice and hard work.

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