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    Exhilarating to be involved with a project right from the start!

    Students, teachers, people working in an office or a factory are often involved with a project (a new product or a new feature or facility) right from the start and take immense pride when it is successfully launched and implemented. Take our own ISC. I often thought about how exciting it must have been not just for the Webmasters to have seen the launch of this portal and its phenomenal growth, but also for a member to look back and be thrilled to have been at the fledgeling start way back in 2007. Similarly, as sections got added on, I am sure members must have felt excited to contribute, to be among the first lot to help build up content for the section.

    Recently, after many years, another opportunity has come, with the launch of the section of Training Institutes. We are going to be part of the growth of this bud. We are going to help it bloom. It's going to be an exhilarating ride!

    What's more, the admin. is giving a reward - starting from this month, there will be a Super Contributor monthly award for the best contributor, as we have for the schools-college section. We hope that this motivates more members to contribute and give an impetus to the new section.

    Let's make the Training Institutes' section a success as we did for the other sections!

    Do you recall contributing to a newly launched section of ISC? Have you been part of something new during your campus days or at work? Do share your experiences.
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    Invention and new ideas are always welcome as we want changes to be made to the work as stale work environment make boredom and nothing creative can be expected. As regards to training institute section having introduced in the site, it is the great opportunity for the members to share the information and earn with pride. It is proven that the future is going to be online education and what ever information provided on such online training institute spread across the country would be helpful to the student community. We are helping the students in many ways and this would be added advantage.
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    I worked in an organisation for 28 years. When I joined that organisation, the company has not started its activities and it is on paper only. The promoters purchased the land and applied for permissions. Then the construction work started, then manufacturing and marketing. I have seen and actively participated in all these activities. Process streamlining, establishing the quality of the products, safety of operations, then field use etc are the various stages. I was involved in all these activities. I started my career as a Manager in the Organisation and I came out of the organisation when I was a Director on Board and COO. I have seen the company when the turnover was Zero and I left when the company was doing 250 crores turnover. Even today I feel proud of my contributions to that organisation and I always wish that the company should progress further.
    I agree with the author that when the organisation grows where we are a part of its growth, we will really feel happy and encouraged. I hope all the members will contribute to the new sections and see that they will make the new section more active.

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    It is always a matter of pride to be a part of the growth but more important is our contribution to that. I remember in our organisation where I worked for a long time, there was a massive digitisation project launched for digitisation of the old physical technical records. Every one told that it was impossible to do that but a few of the people came ahead and started it. Slowly the momentum gained and I was also one of the team members though at a later date but we eventually finished that work. It took 3-4 years for the project to be completed but it earned a lot of attention and many other groups came to us to learn about that as how we we were able to do that so effectively. Our team got some award also for that. So, yes, if we work as a team and contribute we can achieve the laurels, no doubt on that.
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