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    When addiction takes over, all qualities gets suppressed.

    Young one's or adolescents are most susceptible to addiction and once any kind of addiction takes over them they lose all the qualities they have.

    I am not referring to just substance abuse but other kinds of addiction, i.e. Mobile game addiction.
    Day before yesterday a teenger of 15 years was caught by Delhi Cyber Cell after complaint by the an aged person from whose pension fund around Rs. 2.3 lakhs was debited. On investigation it was found that his grandson was the one who used all his money in past 2 months to play PUBG game.

    This goes to show the extent of addiction that teenager had towards the game and how many more must be there who fall in trap of mobile game addiction. That teenager forgot all the respect, fear, care, teachings, the love he must have got from his parents as well as his grandparents. Only thing that he cared was his addiction of mobile game.

    What can be done to help such teenagers as well as save them from such bad addictions?
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    This is an intresting thread by the author. Yes it's very important that kids respect their parents and learn moral values. Game addiction like any addiction has potential for disaster in one's life. The kids especially teenagers and such should be taught moral and social responsibilities from young age itself. A potential soultion to the problem of game addiction is to create games that are real world based and enable the youth to solve real world problems and in return they get points or credits. Teenagers like adults are in a growth phase where their hormones are becoming active, hence they need more aggressive tools to channelize their potential the above mentioned solution of creating apps or games based 8n real worl problem discovery fixes up that in a beautiful way.

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    Good suggestion Ryyu. We have youth who are focussing on developing games but mostly for earning money by means of mass appeal but, if some games are developed that enables learning and problem solving in real world then, that would make a good difference in life of people and teenagers.
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    The main problem here is the availability of these gadgets to children. I don't know whether it is a real necessity for a 15 years boy to have a smartphone. A boy of 15 years should be in SSC or 10th class. How a boy studying 10th class is being given a smartphone? Is it not the mistake of the parents? Some may argue saying that phone is a necessity. Let him have a normal phone which he/she can use when there is an emergency.
    The teenage is a very crucial age in our lives and this age only will decide our future. The parents should be watching them closely and any deviation observed, they should be taken to task and see that again they are on the rails. But many seniors fail to do this. Here only the problems will start. Both the parents will be busy with their works and they may not have time to see what their children are doing. I think here only change is required.
    Removing all thorns on the road is difficult. We should wear footwear to protect ourselves from such thorns. The role of parents, grandparents and teachers is very important in solving such problems.

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    As our life gifted once to us, there is nothing wrong to test and try various means available to us in substance and in leisure format but only thing is that we should not get addicted to it and succumb to it. Youth always have the tendency to have costly bikes and wants to ride fast on the highway and doing stunts. The friends circle in them would induce to have fun, but that should be once time affair and not regular. In schools and colleges we do have some friends who are rich and can afford to spend for entire class to sponsor movie, but that should not be a regular feature. And what is the life when it is routine and not mixed with jolly and enjoyment quotient.
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    Addiction is a disease and people who have it, are helpless and cannot come out from it. Even the treatment by addiction experts who are generally psychologists, does not work in many cases. So, the parents have a big role here. They have to monitor the children for the symptoms of addiction from the beginning itself and keep a tab on it at that point itself which we literally tell - to nip in the bud. When a person is suffering from addiction then his cognitive functions reduce significantly and at that time he only desires that thing and tries to get it by hook or crook. Billions of dollar business in the world is thriving because many people are addicted to those products.
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    People get addicted to so many things drugs, liquor, smoking, and many other indulgences that become primary requisite in their lives and they are distracted from the path of studies, career making, family responsibilities, and creative activities and actually land in the word of the fantasy and despair. Those who are suffering from addiction are not leading a normal human life. They are a shattered lot in a long run and it is imperative that corrective actions are required to be taken to bring them back to the real world. There are methods to correct that and addiction experts and psychologists can definitely help in that.
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