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    A suggestion to attract members to ISC

    Dear ISC and My dear fellow ISCian,
    I was just thinking about the following:
    While ISC has Registered members over 10 lakhs, Why only a few are active at ISC? What ISC lacks to attract all the registered members to hold on to ISC? Why the members register and vanish?

    To be more attractive, ISC should introduce the following promotional method.

    It is the finance that matters a lot, and lures the members to be a beneficial ISCian.
    1. Let the members canvass their relatives and friends and sponsor new member(s).
    2. Let the member who sponsors be benefitted financially as below:
    3. The sponsoring member should share a percentage of the earning of the sponsored member.

    It is like this - Mr A sponsors member X. Member X earns Rs. 1000/-. Mr. A gets a share of some percentage of Mr. X's earning ( Say 10 percent. It is Rs. 100/-) Mr. X will be paid only Rs. 900/-

    Similarly, if Mr. X sponsors a member Y, Mr. X would get a share of 10 percent from Y's earnings. Ultimately Mr. A would get the share of X's earning from Y's earning (Rs.10/-).

    Thus a member will be earning a good sum through the chain. Just imagine, what would be the earning of Mr. A in the long run. Thus the member will be earning a share from all the members down the line. There will be no end to earning.

    Dear ISC, Give a good thought to my suggestion. Members can comment on my suggestion.
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    SuN sir, you're turning this amazing platform into an affiliated marketing program. While your idea seems good. Our platform thrives on the real authentic contribution of ideas. So if there's scarcity in payment it is actually good, because the quality of the platform is not degraded. Only the serious contributors are paid and the better the quality of their contribution the more they're paid. I recommend then that in order to increase the traffic to our website, we need to create more and more opportunities for our members like the new one Training Institute is a fine example. Another one is the Internship and Job section. Maybe we could have a student's chatroom section which will cater to queries of all students in real-time.

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    Do you think members register to this site only to earn money? I hope you are well aware of the caption of ISC - Learn to Earn, Earn to Learn! Learning is an integral part of this website and what you suggested is something like the chain marketing businesses. By registering with any website doesn't mean that one has to be a regular contributor. I am sure you know how revenue is generated in ISC or on any other website. People visit a website for information on various things and as Ryyu said, the quality of posts matters the most for any website. I don't think it's a problem if only a few members remain active all the time and add values to ISC. Adding values to ISC is more important than thinking of schemes to 'lure' people to this website only for earning.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Dear Members,
    Learning and earning should go together. What we learn is to earn. Life won't be fruitful without earning. We go to school to learn, and in turn to earn. When the number of members is increased, the contribution increases. To check the quality of contribution, there are editors to have a check. Therefore, ISC won't lose quality. ISC would be better off with more quality members with quality posts.

    All must understand and ask this question. Why the registered members are leaving the site immediately after their registration? Because it lacks attraction. What I suggested is for ISC to develop and progress. I am sure, if considered and implemented, ISC would reach beyond infinity.

    Finally, Money matters a lot. Learning and earning should go parallelly.

    In the Web World, unlike any other sites, ISC is a site where one can earn for their contribution. My suggestion is to improve and enhance their earning for betterment. ISC would have more traffic to earn, and my suggestion would help members to earn for their good efforts.

    No life without Sun

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    I do agree that members who joined here were of the wrong notion that a windfall gain would be possible through this site as the wordings suggest in the guidelines. But on seeing the reality that earning is not easy and only few rupees could be possible after giving so much time to the site they tend to be lethargic and slowly move away from the site. I do agree that the author has made good suggestion that bring members, enjoy the benefit on their sharing and their earning. But it amounts to chain marketing and that is illegal in our country. What I feel that for each post cash credit must be given on the spot and one should not wait for the month ending allotting of cash credits as being done now. That would give them the idea whether they care capable of earning here. Moreover earning through article writing is not that easy matter for everyone as they are not proficient and not having so much knowledge about topics and hence sulk.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I also feel that people will not be expecting money by actively participating and contributing to this site. This site is more for learning, I feel. That way many people may be using this site for learning. They may not be contributing in any section and they may be using the knowledge available on the site. People want to earn money may not find this site as their workplace. You learn more and while learning you may earn a little.
    So, such schemes may not work here and the site may not promote such activities I feel. Another point is the availability of time. How much time one can devote to this site is the question.

    always confident

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    The intent is right but the result will not be as fruitful as expected. There is already a referral system on ISC and many people do join through invite link thinking that they will make a fortune. As the level of the invited member increased the referring member is paid higher reward. But getting 10% off their earning is like TDS on earning and the referring peron being the Tax Department. Most people have misconception that by writing anything on a website they will earn a handsome money.

    Regarding the quality of contribution, there are many editors on ISC but other sister sites of ISC are suffering because there are no editors as well as contributors. Try and visit,,, and others too. In case of, it has totally lost its ranking and visits and may face shutdown sooner or later.

    I would suggest that members from here should take initiative to contribute to other sites as well as they do on this site. Even few members here can make a lot of difference to other sister sites.

    Here, I am luring you to join other sites but I don't want any referral earning.

    Live before you leave.

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    What I am suggesting is to promote learning through earning. ISC is very useful to the browsers who search for things at ISC sea viz the jobs, universities, courses, training institutes, question papers, etc. This is the good effort of the members' contribution that helps them with information.

    My question is - Why not such members who provide knowledge and information at ISC earn some sum for their good efforts put in?

    Thus ISC would earn a lot, and also its members from the top to bottom. No doubt, it is an earning through the chain system. There is no cheating at ISC that happens in a business chain. There is a vast difference. In a business chain, the end members lose their money. Wherein here at ISC, no one loses, but only gains. In business, we need to invest money. Here at ISC, there is no investment, not even registration fee. One doesn't lose a paise by working at ISC. That's the greatness at ISC. There won't be any objection from any quarter. It is not a crime at all.

    If you give a second thought to my suggestion, you will understand it properly and say Yes to my suggestion.

    No life without Sun

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