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    Sometimes you pay a huge price for the trust you put on someone.

    In todays' material World the only thing that matter is money. Everyone is running after it like anything and in order to earn more and more money they are willing to sacrifice any relations.

    I would like to share an incident wherein I and one of my friend whom I knew for over 15 years planned to start a business and we invested a huge amount into it, in form of setup, franchisee fee and marketing. He convinced me to give up my job and look after the business and I obliged as the business was well planned and executed.

    I left my well settled job and within a year I was betrayed by him once the business was well setup and running. He took undue advantage of few things which crippled me financially and now I am in debt and trying to make ends meet.

    The lesson I learnt is that never trust anyone in matters of finances except yourself. Although things will get better, I am sure of, but the setback has been huge.

    Have you ever been betryaed by anyone known to you or have paid price for the trust you placed upon someone?
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    Trust is very imoortant in any relationship. If the said person has in anyway destroyed or hurt your trust. Be calm just remind that person to reproach himself/herself for his behaviour and give him/her time to make up. If they do'nt rest assured Karma's gonna make them pay. Remember karma is that old uncle who'll invite you to drink a cup of coffe with himself. The only catch the coffee you will be served will be made from the actions you've earned for yourself.

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    In short, let nature do the needful just remind them of their folly. Everything else is nature's concern not ours. Time is a powerful entity there's a time for everything. Try to pay off your debt first as fast as you can. Jobs are hard to come by. Keep trying for a well paid job, but at the same time keep investing your time and energy in things that would be useful for the community as a whole. Diversify your income as much as possible. This will enable you to do two things one help you earn wealth for yoirself and secondly it will become easier to pay off existing debt.

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    These days there are no ethics in business. The ultimate aim is to make money. That is why experienced people say that we should not trust anybody blindly.
    Whatever understanding we have with people it should be in black and white and the document should be a legally acceptable document only. I think you did a costly mistake. When you are going for business with somebody there should be a registered deed in which the whole operational process should be written down. In this deed, the investment percentage and profit-sharing percentage should be written down. If these systems are correctly followed we will have sufficient proofs about our stake in the company and nobody can deceive us. We will have a legal right and we can fight it out in case of any problem.

    So far I never faced such a situation and I was not deceived by any other person. That way I will be thankful to God.

    always confident

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    When we trust someone it is only after the best time being spent and having known all the ifs and buts of him and we decide to further strengthen the friendship bond. We always believe a friend than a relative because a friend is one who knows all about us and still moves with us and in that situation we fully surrender our faith and trust what ever he says. Some gullible friends look for the opportunity to deceive and they do so when we are at their most dependable stage. Same thing has happened to the author. What I feel that the author need not take the matter so serious, as the so called friend has betrayed and he would soon be betrayed by other. One thing is sure we have to trust and move with the people only after great understanding and when much money is involved or to be invested, we must be doubly sure to ensure the decision taken is on right track.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Wise men tell that never trust a person whoever he is and whatever the matter. The human psychology and society is like that only. Once you trust a person you would be hurt when he ditches you. So, better is, not to trust anyone. So far so good but the question which comes to mind is that if we do not trust a person in this world then how life will progress ahead and how we would go ahead in our job and other things where trust is often required to be taken. The answer is simple that start from not trusting a person and then take time in observing and assessing him and by exclusion bring him to a place where probably he deserves to be believed in what he says.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Trust is very important in our life. Trust is need of any relationship. To achieve any level of success, it is an important weapon. Believing in a particular person in your life is faith. Without which no relationship can survive for long. If someone breaks your trust, he either does it consciously or inadvertently. But you do not know whether he is doing this by knowing or inadvertently, then give him a chance, if he inadvertently breaks your trust, he will not do anything from next time. But knowing that he has done it, he will do it again and again as many chances you will get. In this case you don't have to do anything, just free it
    Swati Sharma

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