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    A Poetry Section For ISC - Part Two

    Hello members this is a ressurected version of the poetry corner that we started last month. Hope to contribute meaningful poems and quotes for all members to get inspired. Interested members are requested to contribute their thoughts and inspirations in this new thread.
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    # Poem Of the Day

    # A rising star #

    The world hath turned bleak
    Darkness enveloping the
    Sleeping mind.

    The paths aheard
    Lay darkened
    By shadows.

    A lightning streak
    Flies in the horizon
    Flying beyond
    The shadows
    Of darkness, death and doom.

    Life begins to ebb in itself
    As the rising dawn begins
    To gather itself

    From the deepest slumber
    The shining star
    Rises and shines

    A new day, A new epoch
    A new story begins.

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    #The rising star
    When we look at the sky we see so many star
    some are small and some are fading away far

    Life can always be compared to so many stars as friends
    but some are useful and many are for time pass stunts

    The rising star in any one life is to have a best period
    And that is possible when we mingle with like minded

    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    #Rising Star#

    I had seen rising Sun, as I used to get up early
    I had seen rising Moon too; as
    It is always a sight to be watched.
    Still, I have not seen a rising Star because,
    I never had the patience nor the vision that long.
    But I had seen many stars rising in ISC;
    Rising and twinkling, as ISC has the patience,
    The vision, and attitude to spot a 'rising star.'
    Many of them not just rose but still twinkling
    On the ISC sky, beaming their cool beams virtually really.

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    "Once upon a time, I was a home Star
    In 2012, I was a twinkling ISC star
    Alas! I lost everything and status of a star
    When I once tested the effect of a word I recall
    That was nothing but a word called Ball.
    And I have never been a Rising Star."

    No life without Sun

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    A rising star is always on par

    With others far ahead leading head to head

    Let the moon give energy

    to thrive in and out during the night

    See the star is also visible during the day

    be it or not live it in a note

    Lead the leader

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    # Poem Of The Day

    #A Breach Of Trust#

    Glass shatters
    Heart breaks
    A thousand splinters
    Fall as the wine of love
    Is spilt freely on the dirt
    Below the rocks.

    Your thought
    Your face
    Has suddenly turned
    Into my worst nightmare

    I wish to wake up from.

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    # A breach of trust

    Life revolves around faith and trust
    and we believe those who must
    But they take undue advantage
    living us in lurch and make us to fade

    We should not give hope nor leave such persons
    for whom the mistrust is the game that played many times
    Nevertheless wrongdoers cannot hide behind the law
    as they would be punished here or by the God without flaw

    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Everyone wishes to be a star,
    And wants to reach that position.
    But few can work hard and strive,
    As it asks for much preparation.

    It is a tough and sustained fight,
    Making a career in this sky.
    There would be hindrances many,
    But one has to relentlessly try.

    The arduous only reach the goal,
    However difficult it would be.
    The winner never leaves the path,
    However tortuous it would be.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A Rising star
    Keep shining keep shining

    Even if the wind moves slowly,
    Even if the wind blows quickly,
    Let the storm go, storms get hit,
    Don't move ,
    Keep shining, keep shining!

    Whether it is cold or foggy,
    Whether it is hot, or go hot,
    Cover you with a rain shower
    Still unmoved from the sky
    Rising star ...
    Keep shining, keep shining!

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Members please note the rising star poem is closed and now the a breach of trust is the topic. So please share the poetic mood of yours in that topic.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    #Poem Of The Day

    # Memoirs Of The Damned #

    I killed a million souls
    I ravaged a hundred bodies

    To serve not God
    To serve this ego
    Of mine.

    I ravished upon the blood
    I looted upon the desire
    Of human wants.

    Alas the power, money and fame
    Brought me no happiness.

    Now I lie burning
    In the lowest rungs
    Of Dante's hell

    Even angels and fairies
    Do not heed to the cries

    Of this damned one.

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    #Poem of the day#
    People kill us just by words
    Time passes in it is own chords

    We still look for positives
    When there are neverending negatives

    Lots of work to accomplish
    We need to get a new polish

    To face the works of mysteries
    Marking up in the histories

    Strive hard till you hit the nail
    I am sure we will not fail

    Lead the leader

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    #Poem Of the Day

    # Vision Of A Phoenix#

    The world turned dull
    As a ball of fire
    Arose ...

    A bird majestic of
    Thought and form
    Arose high above

    Rising higher and higher
    In the skies.

    Dulling the night
    And the morn.

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    #poem of the day#
    Facts probe us to speak
    but actions break

    Thoughts put forth
    becomes henceforth

    None considers it
    nor recognise to permit

    We still lay behind
    when others are kind

    As they stay safe
    along as we give a pave

    To hit our own destiny
    We give the sovereignty

    Lead the leader

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