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    Newspapers in this age

    The Bengal Gazette, the first Indian newspaper was published in 1780. Since then numerous newspapers came in the market as their demand increased by the readers. The expansion of newspapers in India was abrupt. It has been reported that in 1861, there were eight Hindi and 11 Urdu newspapers. By 1870, newspapers had a total readership of more than 1,50,000 in Bombay, Madras and Awadh regions. All newspapers were printed in the proximity of 1,500 to 3,000 copies each and were patronised by Britishers functioning for the East India Company or the British government and few rich Indian businessmen.

    India's newspapers basically focussed on social reforms, were generating the feelings for the freedom struggle movement and the social perception of identical several other topics were put forward by the newspapers. From day one, newspapers in India were committed to societal cause and speaking for rights and public liberties. In brief, Indian newspapers earned esteem at large.

    In this age, the surviving significance of media by electronic and digital technology are unquestionably presenting a huge challenge to newspapers. The Indian newspapers, for the sake of their survival, are undergoing massive technology adaptation and are modifying techniques and means to combat electronic media in the matter of news manifestation and keeping the interest of readers intact in the newspaper industry.
    There is remarkable morale with which newspaper owners in India have set all their efforts and risks in the publishing of local versions and local-language editions of the newspapers — the reason being the steady and constant expansion of literacy which has augmented readership of the newspapers.
    Due to liberalisation and globalisation of media and intro of the new medium of communicating information with a speed which can deliver visuals and printed word with equal clarity, this modern technology and all the time rivalry from electronic media has pushed newspapers to embrace new technologies with improved competent attitude and keenness to the present-day market impetuses.
    Newspapers have to achieve their readership with nearly matching speed and genuineness of the news. This pursuit and modification of new technologies have certainly offered a tremendous upswing to stability and further expansion of the newspapers. Print media professionals and corporate publishers are very optimistic about further growth of newspapers in India.
    On the other hand, there is a widespread and apprehensive impression in the western countries that the newspaper industry has been badly affected by the internet, which has generated a sizeable dent to conventional newspapers' readership.
    It has been worrying for a long time. A lot of analyses sleek over the data which illustrates that the decline in newspaper readership and circulation in the US and Europe easily pre-dates the internet age. The saga of the erosion of the daily newspaper goes beyond the web.
    Unfortunately, COVID 19 has affected the newspaper industry in India quite badly. Several publishing houses have expelled many of their employees, even some of the newspapers have been closed.
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    Newspapers losing their relevance in these days because we are getting live news on hand phones and no one would be interested to read the same news next day. But Newspapers are known for their editorials to which we have to respect their approach and language. Many a time I learned new words, sentence formation and how to understand the issue with culmination of good narration in the editorial. Surely no television English channels are having good command over English and many a time they mix Hindi with English in the news. But that kind fo goof up do not happen with the Newspaper and especially The Hindu editorial need to be read and followed. And it was The Hindu paper through its editorial by Ram has brought in Boffors scandal which has created ripples in the political circle and Congress party paid heavy price.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A good overview by the author. It is a fact that newspaper industry is facing a big challenge from the electronic media for the obvious reasons. The old generation is still happy with the newspapers as they are habitual of that indulgence for a good hours of their daily lives. Slowly the charm of the newspaper is dwindling by day and day and it is at the brink of almost closure. It is the other industries which are somehow giving advertisements to these newspapers and somehow these are surviving. The day this revenue stream is cut the newspaper industry would close down.
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    True. The newspapers are losing their importance these days. The main reason is the rise in the use of smartphones and the internet. People are getting the information then and there itself. If we depend on the newspaper we may know about the issue the next day only.
    Another is the reason is the biased reporting of the news by many newspapers. Even though we read the news we are not sure that what reported is correct. Sometimes by believing that news we may get misguided. This is mainly due to the political affiliations of these newspaper publishing houses.
    The present pandemic also gave a big blow to the newspaper industry, Many people stopped purchasing newspapers because of the doubt that the virus may spread through these newspapers as they come through many hands. Many people may not restart purchasing them as the will get accustomed to the digital platforms to read the news.

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