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    Let ISC members use their expertise between them

    According to our membership registrations it is above 10 lakh who have registered and seen as the members on our rolls. While most of them are out of sight some of them are very much there and giving their share and comments. But what I am asking each members is to use their expertise and be helpful to members so that we not only comment and give advise but also live together with some sort of helping tendency in one way or the other. For example I am ready to help any member on knowing about Hyderabad, any product to be had, or visit their relative or friend on their behalf. This way we can get connected more.
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    Last year, I requested our honourable members whether they like to taste Halwa from Tirunelveli. Tirunelveli of south Tamilnadu is famous for Halwa and the city is known as Halwa city. But none wanted it. Still I am ready to send a kilogram of Halwa to my fellow ISCian who will share their address with me.

    I will share my address to your e-mail ID. Please provide me your e-mail ID in PM box. Please send me anything that is worth to keep you in my memory. I don't want any sweet to eat and forget. Also I am a diabetic. The cost will be reimbursed. If required, you can send it through an online shopper with COD.

    Note: Presently, I am in Bengaluru. I won't be able to send Tirunelveli Halwa. Shall send it after we drive away Corona from our land. Willing members can share their e-mail ID in PM box for communication.

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    A very good suggestion by Mr. Mohan. With 10 lakh members spread all over India, the expertise of the members can be used for mutual benefit. Once it was proposed to have a meet at someplace but it did not materialise. It will be a good idea if the members get to know each other and are of mutual help.
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    Great thought by the author and even very practical option for those looking for genuine advice or help for things they are not sure of. I know this for sure that, fellow ISCians will definitely help each other in the most genuine way and won't make a fool out of anyone, Most of the times we get ads for services for which we pay a hefty price but that is not worth it.
    Can be implemented, but depends upon how many will respond and particpate in this initiative. Can even make this an experiment to test the idea of exchanging good or services each specializes in.

    I had once offered to file ITR of fellow ISCians for free, way back in 2013, but did not get a single response, so one of my idea has flopped.
    Lets try any other idea or service.

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    In some sites they have carved out a separate channel like 'community' or some likewise name where the members interact with each other and help also but it is not in the main activity pages. I think we have also one here as social hub. It can be used for that type of communication so that forum section is not loaded with that type of interactions which generally do not attract any traffic. I do not know the feasibility of using the social hub for such purposes and it would of course require some words of 'go ahead' from the editors also before we use it among us in the suggested fashion.
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    As ISCian, we can benefit a lot by organizing various things for development. But none cooperates. There is an egoistic problem among the members. Members don't trust and believe in each other. During my entire service from 2011, I tried my best to get close to each other, but in vain. Can't help. Even at one point of time, members were not ready to share the state to which they belong. How do you expect such members to come in close contact to share and benefit?
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    I am not asking ISC to involve here. Based on the regional presence and the importance of that place each one can get along to help other in many ways.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    It is a good idea. We can do whatever we can do if somebody wants some assistance from others. I and Mohan are in Hyderabad. Sometimes we contact each other and exchange pleasantries. If there is any need definitely I will contact him and he can also call me if anything is required. Similarly, if somebody wants any information I can assist if I can do that. They can contact through the link in my profile page. They can send me an email and I can address that query. If I need any help I will also contact the member through his email from the link provided on their profile page.
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    Suppose some member want to visit Hyderabad for any reason, we can give the best advice and give them the suggestion to go about.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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