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    Google Adsense issue - is it happening to others also?

    We have discussed this issue earlier also that whenever we are visiting our activity pages in ISC, Adsense is taking it as a type of violation. In the end of the month it is deducting most of the amount back and balance is negligible. Now I have received a message from Adsense that as I am viewing my activity pages or by mistake sometimes clicking also on the advertisements because of touch screen sluggishness so they have kept the account on observation for 1 month and no ads would be accounted during that for earning. So, definitely Google has become more strict in its policies. I feel that for the host site where members often visit their pages these impressions cannot be avoided and if they are being taken illegal by the Adsense then we do not get any revenue practically. This was as I said discussed earlier also and it was told by the experienced people that nothing can be done as Adsense has its own rules and procedures to monitor these things. Anyway I just wanted to rake up this issue again just to find out that it is happening only with me or everyone is going under the same plight. Please share your experiences.
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    Of late the behavior of Google especially with ad sense issue the company seems to be lethargic and not even giving the replies to our feedback and complaints. It has become habit for the Google to deduct from our earnings citing reasons to which there is no transparency. And in my case the Ad Sense earning stands at 145 dollars as of now and I was eligible to get the payment at 100 dollars threshold. When ever I sought the payment by fixing the payment settings, the same thing is happening and the payment kept on hold for no reason. Do the Google pay the interest for holding my payments for no reason as I had submitted all details and more over they are not responding to the feedback complaints. Now that online payments made easy why the Google wants to send the payment through wire which cannot be understood.
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    This is really strange. Generally they are known for their prompt payment. May be you can open a Paypal account and try again.
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    If you have reached the payment thresh hold the Google pays up in next month after 20th. You should definitely have your bank account linked in the payments settings page in case wire transfer is preferred. Google will not pay through Paypal.
    Regarding deduction of revenue, nothing can be said. Google has its own metrics to verify the genuine and fake clicks and is very stringent regarding this. I have known cases where people lost their Adsense account itself, once they asked questions about the genuineness of deduction. So, my advice is to let them do the things their way and yes we do not know which ad is ours, so there is a possibility that we might click an ad while browsing.

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    This is a new development, looks like, a kind of temporary suspension. Can you let me know if you are on a regular basis browsing ISC and/or posting content through your phone? If so, I suggest you avoid doing this for the next one month (the duration mentioned by Google). What I think is that since you are an active forum participant, you may be checking out the responses in your threads or other threads, scrolling down to do so. There are these ads that come up on the screen, one of which is a scrolling ad, that is, it moves each time you move your finger up and down. Now inadvertently your finger may be clicking on the ad. I myself do not access ISC through my phone and have done so only once or twice recently. I found the scrolling ad a nuisance. Even when I went to close it, when I tapped on the X, the ad would open so this means that it requires really very fine pinpointing (tapping) on that X! Same with your participation in the AE section. Hence, on an experimental basis at least, could you see if stopping accessing ISC through the phone would help? I am not stating that it is a definitive measure that will prevent further problems for you, but no harm in trying it out. Of course, I am assuming that you do have another device, such a desktop or laptop to access ISC and suggesting you access our portal through those only.

    When accessing ISC through a desktop or laptop here's what you could do - ensure that you place the cursor somewhere in the extreme top right or top left or bottom left and basically away from any ad unit that is not too close. What happens is that inadvertently the cursor may jump onto the ad at the exact time that you are tapping on, say, a forum thread to open it and you end up clicking on the ad.

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    K Mohan,

    You have received payment earlier from Google, haven't you? So it is not a question of the PIN which is required for the first payment. Can you check in your AdSense account the Payments Settings? There is a section of 'Payments Account'. Did you by any chance change the payment threshold under 'Payment Schedule'? Just check that and revert.

    Also, check that the other sections are filled in properly under 'Payments Profile', namely your name and address, country, etc and have put in a contact email under 'Payments contact'. Sometimes it is the little things that matter!

    Update - I think that the delay in the payment is due to some changes that you made in the payment profile, such as your name.

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    Yes, it's happening with me :(

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    I received an email from Google last month that said Ad serving limits placed on my AdSense account. This month also I received the same type of email from Google and really confused about what to do now. Neither I click on any of the advertisements nor I visit my AdSense profile frequently to look into the advertisements published. Maybe, Google has implemented stricter policies to avoid invalid clicks and that's why these types of emails are sent.

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    In your case; you must install an ad-blocker app on your computer and on your smart-phone. It makes your Google Adsense safe. Avoid clicking on advertisements.

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    But why the messages sent to them from my adsense profile page is not being responded and that lethargic attitude is not acceptable as Google seems to be professional company.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Thanks for the tips. Let me try them.

    Dinesh Sood:
    Thanks for the suggestion. Let me install that.

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