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    The record breaking wild fire in California- Another form of nature's fury?

    Every year in the beginning of Fall, we hear the news about wild fire in California state and people are asked to evacuate to safe places. I stay in California and every year we get this alert message and keep our essentials ready to evacuate our house at any time. We had seen ashes flying around our places and smoke covered sky. The air gets polluted at higher rate and mask is compulsory to go anywhere outside our house.

    This year, the same has happened. Though the fire break out has already happened in few other parts of California, today it had happened near our city. Today the sky looked orange because of the reflection of the wild fire.

    All these made me feel that this year fire is not as same as previous years. So when I checked the news, I understood that I am right. Yes, this year, the wild fire had already burnt 2.2 million acres of land, which is a new record.

    Since California is considered as a fire-prone area, Government has taken precautionary measures already. But nature has its own plan and wild fire is something out of control. So its spread is almost unpredictable.

    Do you have any idea why nature has different plans for different areas? Let us leave the topography apart and look into factors why nature unleashes her fury in different forms in different places.
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    This is a bad news that wildfire in California has taken an unprecedented shape. We had been hearing this earlier also and due to its massiveness there is no solution to this problem. What I read somewhere is that due to massive trees and grasslands sometimes due to friction the fire is generated and then it becomes uncontrollable. It is a perpetual problem in that part of the US and so far no easy solution is in sight.
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    Unlike other natural calamities, wildfire is said to be basically the result of natural fuels in an area, the type of vegetation and the change in weather conditions and is not nature's reaction to human interventions as such. I am not sure, but I do feel that we can bring down the severity of such fires by making some changes in the type of vegetation and also by executing some measures to manage the natural fuel of areas that are prone to wildfires.
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    It's quite scary for local residents, hope that they already might have been placed somewhere in a safer place. Often it's heard about wildfire in California, perhaps it's due regional climate, heavy wind and high temperatures.

    Fire is a devastating natural calamity, it brings havoc when it breaks out. I think most of us might have seen the destructive nature of fire. I can't forget an incident (happened accidentally) when a bus packed of passengers caught fire in which almost all passengers except a few were burnt to ashes and I was almost trembling while watching the high leaping flames. It happened many years ago when there was no fire station in our town. Fire fighting team came too late from the district headquarter to extinguish fire. In the morning I went to watch the burnt bus. The scene was quite scary, the net of innumerable bones inside the bus appeared to be intertwined with each other.

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    As per the Environmental Protection Agency of the USA, wildfire is a natural disaster. But only 10 to 15 per cent only will be happening on their own in nature. The remaining 85 to 90% wildfire are because of our own actions only. The reasons for fir are mainly unattended camp and debris fires, discarded cigarettes, and arson.
    When the weather is dry and droughts are there the natural wildfires may take place. In these conditions, green vegetation will get converted to bone-dry and become flammable fuel. If the winds are strong fire will get spread quickly. The warm temperatures will help combustion. Now the only missing essential element fire is a spark. A burning campfire or cigarette, arson or downed power line can fill the missing element and wildfire will start.

    If we can avoid the above-said acts we may be able to avoid 80% of these wildfires.

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    Our thoughts are with the people of California who are constantly facing the problem from the nature in the form of wild fire that engulfs the main forests , make the people run for the covers and destroys the properties and green cover vastly. How the fire is happening every time and it is the herculean task for the authorities to put off and even the water planes that are pressed into service are go missing or collapse in the accident and thus the damage is huge and loss cannot be estimated. It seems the nature has been showing its fury and people should understand the signal that they must respect the nature and should not create hindrance to it.
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    Nature is controlled by five powerful elements viz Land(Earth), Sky(Space), Fire, Air and Water. All these powers have soft behaviour as well as rough behaviour. In our life we have seen how they act.

    Land - With Earthquakes, Drought.
    Air - With Windy storm
    Water - With Flood, Tsunami
    Fire - With Volcano, Wildfire
    Sky(space)- Helps as a media for the above powers to perform.

    In India, they play havoc with floods and storms regularly. And in California, the fire plays havoc as wildfire regularly. The superpowers have selected their own area to play their roles. There is nothing to wonder about.

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    Such incidents are very sad, once a fire in the forest spreads quickly due to wind, slope and fuel, three things are needed to start a fire. Fuel, oxygen and heat. In summer, when the drought is at its peak, a spark emanating from the wheel of a train can also take the form of a fiery fire. These fires are either caused by excess heat or by lightening. However, many times these incidents of fire in the forests are caused by humans, such as arson, campfire, leaving burning waste, matchbox or playing with inflammable things.
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