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    Contribute to the progress of the country as a good citizen.

    Whenever we talk or discuss about progress of the country, always blame to others for failures. We often forget as a citizen what our duty and our obligation is. Talking here is proud to be a citizen, this should make us proud to be a citizen, do we really understand all the rules of being a good citizen. Being a citizen is not enough to be proud of, we will be more proud to be citizens when we give importance to values in life and understand the values, manners and moral values. We should contribute to the progress of the country by becoming good citizens.
    We often highlight the shortcomings of the country. But never think about what our country has given us. We are mastered at finding loopholes. Why don't we see that there is no country like our country? The moral and cultural values ??that are in our country will not be seen in any country of the world. First of all, every Indian should be a good citizen, this will be a big contribution to the progress of the country.
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    Ideally speaking, two things are required to make a country great and progressive. First is good Govt and good governance. Second is good citizens. Seems to be difficult combination but not impossible. Citizens are dependent upon the Govt and its governance. They can vote out one and bring the other one. They are very powerful but what is the use of that power when the new incumbents are no way better than the earlier. So, the recipe is there but dish is not getting prepared. How can the citizens or any other entity help in that matter. We can only think that good times would come and wait for it endlessly.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Once a king wanted all the families of his family to bring a bottle full of milk and pour that milk in the vessel provided near their palace gate. One person thought that all will pour milk, so if a pour a bottle of water also in that milk nobody will know about it. So he took water in the bottle and poured in the vessel. The vessel is closed and only a small funnel is provided to pour milk into that. After all the family poured into it, the King asked his minister to get open and saw inside. There is no milk in that and only water in that.
    Like this, if I feel that even though I am not doing anything to the nation also there will not be any problem as all others are doing their duty well. But we should keep in mind that others can also think like us. Let us keep this in mind always and try to do what best we can do to the country as a citizen of the nation. If every person does like this the country will progress. Let us all be good citizens of this country and see that we will progress well.

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