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    Is it feasible for India to become vegetarian?

    I was going through the PETA organization video that voices for the humane treatment of the animals. The reality they claimed about the dairy industry about the treatment of the cattle was gut-wrenching. And beyond that, the slaughterhouse facilities to keep the animals are at highly dismal conditions. Many celebrities would support the cause in their ways but the problem is the people especially vegetarian ones would spread certain another perspective without getting into much detail. PETA's main focus is on dignified treatment but it doesn't preach to be a vegetarian, I feel. Yes, rearing animals for meat not only creates the secretion of greenhouse gases and also depletes the water table but in a country like ours wherein many areas the meat is the basic diet, going vegetarian doesn't serve the propose. In research too, it is found that meat is essential for developing countries like India where it completes nutrition and gives some economic stimulus too. The Gangetic plain is confined to the north only where most of the agriculture happens and with being farming an economically stressful job in many areas, the cattle rearing is something the farmers can depend upon. The US, relatively, is a developed nation and people eat meat as part of the capitalist lifestyle. Their spreading of being a vegetarian monologue should not be taken unfiltered by us. There are many spiritual gurus in their lavish condo spreading vegetarianism with religious angle involved without going over Vedas and ground zero all the same.
    Yes, the rights should be upheld for the animals. They should be treated with dignity and unless we have other sources we should not be hasty in propagating these ideas.
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    It is very difficult to change the food habits of the people. Once they are habitual of taking certain types of foods veg or non-veg, they stick to it. Another thing is that in India we are accustomed of taking the non-veg food in a spicy gravy and that is so attractive that I doubt if people would leave that. In many houses on Sundays it is meat day when the meat or chicken is prepared with much fanfare. So till these habits are there, the present ratio of veg versus non-veg is not going to change significantly and NGOs would be crying over the issues like that only.
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    Perhaps the author is not aware that India is the largest beef exporter in the world. It was among top three before 2014 but now it's on top in the list of beef exporting countries.

    Following are the four largest beef exporters:

    1) Al-Kabeer Exports Pvt. Ltd.
    Owners: Mr. Shatish &Mr. Atul Sabharwal
    Address: 92, Jolly makers, Chembur Mumbai 400021

    2) Arabian Exports Pvt.Ltd.
    Owner: Mr.Sunil Kapoor
    Address: Russian Mansions, Overseas, Mumbai 400001

    3) M.K.R Frozen Food Exports Pvt. Ltd.
    Owner: Mr. Madan Abott.
    Address: MG Road, Janpath, New Delhi 110001

    4) P.M.L Industries Pvt. Ltd.
    Owner: Mr. A.S Bindra
    Address: S.C.O 62-63, Sector -34-A, Chandigarh 160022

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    We need not follow the teaching and videos of PETA on how the animals get sacrificed for the sake of human being eating habits and for that we must run our brain before eating such non vegetarian items. In India if it wants to convert to fully vegetarianism, it is huge task and asking for more because we have more non vegetarian eating population and one drives down in the morning hours through the market , long queues are being maintained at mutton and chicken shops on Sunday mornings and that proves people want to enjoy their holiday and leisure with non vegetarian items and snacks. Added to this our government gave permission to some MNC companies which are marketing chicken with offers and taste. All these make the people to enjoy more and would not get rid of it and even they know that more non veg food means more risk to life and yet they enjoy the dishes at home or at the famed hotels.
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    I am fully aware of the rankings 709789 but here we are not talking about the foreign exchange but the feasibility of promoting being vegetarianism according to economic and geographic constraints.

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    No. Among the world nations, India and a very few Buddhist nations are the only nations where we find vegetarians. About 95 percent of the world population is non-vegetarian. Meat is a God made food for a human being. Look at your mouth that has got a few teeth like animal teeth to tear out the meat apart. By not eating meat, we are punishing ourselves by ignoring the purpose of God's creation.

    A member says that eating more non-veg is a risk. NO. Look at Japanese who eat only fish meat and live beyond 100 years. Japanese have the maximum longevity on this earth.

    Never dream about India becoming a vegetarian country. Even vegetarians eat eggs and call themselves egg vegetarian. Most vegetarians taste non-veg dishes outside their home.

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    There is no chance for completly stopping non-vegetarian food in India. Majority of the people are accustomed to eating non-vegetarian. So people may have a special affection for animals but they will never stop eating them. People say we should treat animals also as humans. But is it practised anywhere? May be many Indians may not prefer eating cow meat. But they will eat all other animal meat.
    As per Hindu mythology Cow is a sacred animal and killing it is not a good act. That is why they go against sending cows to these slaughterhouses. Eating habits can't be changed easily. Another point to be thought off is the availability of vegetables. If all 135 crore people stop eating non-vegetarian and go for vegetarian only, availability of vegetables may be very difficult and the cost of the vegetables may go very high and will become a problem for the middle class and poor.

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    Eating pattern of Indians is not likely to change despite our teachings that non vegetarian foods may give rise to bad cholesterol, excess fat accumulation on the liver region. It is their choices and they are hardly to change it. It is not about the food pattern of the people consuming non veg items, the same situation would apply to the lovers of vegetarian dishes and they would stick to it despite our requests to change this style. They would have different explanations in favour of their choice.
    We cannot say exactly which pattern is benificial since there is no documentation proof showing any health benifit of a particular style of food.

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    India as a nation is a pluralistic state, herein we have people following different traditions which may or may not have originated in our country. Thus speaking in this sense it is nigh impossible to turn entire communities into following a vegan lifestyle. It is true that being strictly vegan has it's benefits especially for the the individuals with advanced age. However as stated above these are cultural patterns, more research has never been done in an unbiased manner in this regardm if you have some peer reviewed article published documenting xlearky to what extent is veganism more fulfilling than non- vegan lifestyle then please share the link of such research. Also India exports non veg products in large quantities, are you willing to stop this trade as well, since it goes against the noral vindictum of vegan sub-culture.

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    Becoming a vegetarian in human is only according to their mind and not society or universe. Many people do not even eat egg and they follow strict vegetarianism. Some half vegetarian and half non-vegetarian, that is taking non vegetarian items only in outside. Some other got panic if they do not eat non vegetarian items. For them only the question is applicable. The worry becoming pure vegetarian in whole country the producers of meat etc., get suffering on their business facing loss. But in almost all countries the vegetarianism is spreading widely. The main thing is the producers and sellers do mingle their supply with hygiene and in-hygiene so as to earn more money. They themselves sole reason for contagiousness. Here religion etc. are not playing role for vegetarianism but only the mentality of people.

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