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    Why the 100 number is so important?

    Hello Members, Today this is my 100th forum, which is I am posting, I feel proud to be a part of ISC and want to thank to all members, editors and webmaster for their great support and guidance.

    As this is my 100th forum so I would like to start a discussion about this particular number - 100 , why the 100 number is so important? 100 digits are considered integers. We always compare this number throughout our lives to complete ourselves and when we get 100 marks out of 100, then we realize perfection, less than 100 always keeps us distraught, because we feel that are not complete.

    But I believe there is perfection in every particle of nature, so nature is beautiful. If we place this wholeness in our mind, then our end will be complete. We reduce the entirety of our life in the thoughts of the past or the future, and lose the present. The present that is just now, in this moment, which is complete, is 100. Therefore we need that we live 100 percent life starting from 100 and ending at 100.
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    First of all I would congratulate you on your steady speed of reaching a mile stone of 100 mark as the number of forum posts floated by you. Yes, such occasions are joyful ones and we look forward to them in our lives. Coming to the point you have raised about 100 as why and what is its importance. In my view in decimal number system, we have numbers 0 to 9 and then we make numbers after that as a combination of them. The first two digit number which comes in this way is 10 and it is a very important and fascinating number as school teachers generally make it as a base for giving marks to the students like 6/10 or 8/10 or whatever the value but 10 is common denominator. Now please note that 10 is comprised of two digits and then the numbers proceed up to 11, 12, 13, ... and so on up to 99. They are all two digits. The next number is 100 which is the first three digit number and likewise 10, it has immense importance and that is the reason it is taken as the maximum marks in an examination paper. When we hear we feel a filling of fullness in 100. No doubt, it is an admirable number.
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    By the way congrats to the author for raising the 100th forum post and that proves the interest and ability in her to covert the matters into topic and hoist here for discussions. Most of the forum posts are general in nature and we feel like touched upon those issues. Coming to the 100 number, it is more dear to us. The number is the zenith of performance and those who reached that position has special regards in the society. In cricket a century is considered very great and 99 is not the performance at all for the players and there was one cricketer called Vengsakar who get out at 99 many times and he comes the opener with Gavaskar in those days. And 100 is the police number through which even a child can call the law enforcing agencies for the problems meted out to him or her. And for students it is the most frightened number because they want to achieve but they fall short.
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    Congratulation to you for completing 100 threads on the forum section of this ISC. I hope and wish that you should continue the good work and see that another Zero will join after the two zeros after 1.
    I think the importance of 100 came because of two reasons. The life span given to a human being by God is supposed to be 100 years. A person who lives for 100 years is treated as a person who lived his complete life. When you count numbers we start with single-digit numbers and then go to double-digit numbers and then three-digit numbers and so on. When you start counting you will reach two-digit numbers very fast but to go to three-digit numbers you have to spend more time. So once you reach the first number of three digits you will get a satisfaction that you have reached a milestone. 100 is the first number of three-digit numbers hence 100 is treated as a milestone in all the fields.

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