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    Regional imbalnce is the cause for backwardness

    In India if you take some regions, they are not even having the basics even today and most of the backward tribal areas are very undeveloped and they are living a challenging life without even having the basics. We talk of development across the country, but some regional imbalance still exists and the tribal herd do not raise voice of protest as they accept the life as it comes. Unless and until regional priorities are not addressed, India cannot claim to be a developed country and every citizen of every region need to live happily.
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    Very good. Regional imbalances are really a factor that needs to be addressed on top priority. There are many people in India who don't even know that they have some fundamental rights. This is mainly due to their illiteracy and confining themselves to their place of birth.
    We say the government is encouraging the SC/STs by giving them some special privileges. But many SC/ST who live in remote areas even don't know that they are eligible for some special incentives. So the government agencies have to see that their special packages and privileges for these people will reach them and see that they will avail those benefits. Once it is done automatically many people will develop in their lives. Similarly, the government should see that the areas which are not well developed will get some additional funds and develop fast. That will make all the areas go equally. But the intentions of the local political leaders should be clear and they should really think that all the people should come up. Then only this is possible.

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    In independent India, a number of constitutional provisions were made to protect the rights of tribes and look after their interests. Despite all this, there is an urgent need to pay attention to the major challenge that has arisen in the country today. It is not possible to achieve national and collective development by relying only on the government. This is possible only through collective efforts at the level of society. Currently the tribes of the country are facing various problems due to many reasons. All laws have been made for them. Even today, due to land acquisition, illegal mining, forest erosion etc. in many schemes, these tribes are becoming alienated from their surroundings. They are also most affected by the challenges posed by mining and land acquisition of forests. Today, we need to think seriously about their defense and development.
    Swati Sharma

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