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    Long-range wireless power transmission in New Zealand

    All these days we know about power transmission through some wires. They may be copper wires or some other wires.
    But in New Zeland, a Startup company EMROD developed long-range high power wireless transmission. This is the first of its kind in the world. This new system works on electromagnetic wave technology. Using this technology they are able to transmit power without any wires over vast distances. The system is said to be very safe and efficient. Presently world over copper technology is being used for this transmission. This technology may become very useful and cost-effective as it will reduce many infrastructural costs.
    I think now the other countries also try to acquire this technology and we may witness a remote supply of power without any wire connections in the coming days.
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    This seems to be a surprising invention. Sending electricity wirelessly, this is something new and unheard. Let us see how this technology actually works and what are its potentials in a country like India where we are struggling for wired transmissions.
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    Good information shared by the author. But I don't understand the definition of long range. Is it in miles? Power cannot me transmitted without a wire to miles and kilometers. It could be a few meters only. It requires tremendous voltage to get transferred between a transmitter and a receiver. Such heavy voltage would damage the body coming into contact.
    Let us see how it comes out for public use.

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