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    We are not entitled to blame destiny just like that

    Many people tell that they are unlucky and fate is playing tricks with them. They also say that people less intelligent than them are sitting on big seats and they are not getting even a small position in any organisation or company. They will conclude by saying that destiny is supreme and no one can fight with it. This seems very normal and plain talk when we hear people talking like that but if we analyse about them then we would find that they have not done any commensurate work what to say of hard work to get those positions. They never took the career seriously. They always believed that God has sent them on Earth and He would arrange food also for them. Believing in God is alright but expecting grain packets from His abode is too much of asking. In my opinion if we have not done any hard work for any objective or goal we are not entitled to cry and make responsible our luck or destiny for it. Yes, if after a good hard work and persistent rigorous attempts one does not get success then one can start blaming the destiny or whatever it is. What do you think about it?
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    True. I also saw some people of that nature. Not attempting the work with a full heart and full vigour and blaming destiny is their nature. Some people still go a step ahead and blame somebody else for their failure. This never the correct trait. Once we take up an assignment we should put all our efforts and see that the project will be a success. Sometimes the result may not be favourable. In such case also we should accept that we did a mistake and then try to understand the reasons for the failure. That should be the correct way to approach failure and try for success in the next attempt. When it is teamwork all the members of the team should collectively accept the responsibility.
    Sometimes even after we try our maximum the result may not be in favour. In such feeling that we are unlucky and thinking that our destiny not favoured us may be reasonable. Even in those conditions also some people think that they have not put in their full efforts.

    always confident

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    I believe in destiny as much as I believe in hard work. We decide our destiny. It is in our hands. We can either make or mar it. If we want a perfect future, we need to plan and work in our present so that our future can become perfect. If something isn't going all right in our present, it surely means that we might have done something wrong in our past that has influenced our present. However, complaining about it is a mere waste of time. Instead, we need to accept our fate and start working hard and try to achieve that all we want to achieve. All that is in our hands is to put in our best efforts. Rest everything is something that we cannot control, and lots of factors decide the outcome. Destiny is the most important of all.

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    True , there are many people who blame their destiny after their failure but when they success they always talk about their handwork. All the successful people of the world did not reach there only on the basis of luck! Many editions are worn out, have worked hard and then left the rest to luck! But if they were not successful, then they did not accept the fate as guilty, but knew their mistakes, worked on them and were ready to fight again!
    So the first thing to pay attention to is actions! If you want to obey, then do your deeds. Keep the truth in it, do not lie to yourself and do not run hard! Do not try to choose an easy path and once you feel that you have given at least 100% on your behalf, then do not think too much! After that the work will be of luck on which you have no emphasis. So get engaged at work and show it.

    Swati Sharma

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    When the destiny is already pre-decided and the things going to happen on the set destination mode therefore we have no bigger role to play or change its course. What I feel that when you meet someone new in the life, you are either going to be benefited are being induced to face loss. Our behavior, our approach, our knowledge about the issues do help us to prevent the bad from happening but the destiny power is full and already decided we cannot escape from the wrath. I have seen people who have gone almost to the death have survived not once , twice but thrice. One of my distant relative was met with accident in US and the impact was so strong that the car gone into pieces and the person got thrown out with multiple injuries but could survive and got new lease of life. Again he had two accidents in India and survived again. What is your reaction ?
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    It is always easy to blame the fate if success slips from our hands. They would compare their efforts with the ones having been successful in their projects. Though it may be good to some extent to forget their stress because of failure, blaming the fate will help them to regain their energies for the next projects. They can decide for the next course of actions with the determined efforts. But being pasimistic always and blaming the fate will certainly block your own path of progress and it is always essential to remain focussed to our ongoing assignments rather than blaming your fate.

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    I believe in destiny. Destiny is supreme and plays a major role in our life.
    Look at a newly married couple. They get separated on some unexpected grounds for no fault of the couples.
    Look at a guy who leaves home in the morning and meets with an accident for no fault of him. Is it his fault?
    Look at a man who holds good records and fails in an interview and get rejected. Who should be blamed?

    I have quoted a very few things. There are many such things happening in our life.

    All the above-happened events are attributable to destiny.

    No life without Sun

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    Destiny is the predetermined one and we are leaded in a path already decided. We are indirectly forced to do some thing without our knowledge. We do our efforts but that too determined already. Even our daily food is also predetermined. One day, I went to Royapettah, one place in Chennai directly from my office while returning. On return I have to change bus to my house at Mylapore, I planned to have some snacks and coffee at Mylapore before catching another bus. Though I have money in packet, many hotels are in that place, I could not take my coffee and snacks as the second bus got started once I got down from the first bus. If I spare time for coffee, I have to wait for another one hour for next bus. So, I skipped the tiffin and catch the bus in hurry.

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    Well, we sort of live in a super deterministic reality. We do decide on a certain level what we do and from those choicescour outcomes are created. However these outcomes are pre ordaimed in a non linear sense. What we decide is our destiny, what we do'nt decide but get from nature is fate. There is no reason to blame either, it is stupid to do so. Each one of us is here like a chess piece we all are important not just for ourselves but also for others we in a certain sense complete each other's experience of existence. We must play our role like the best player, that ever was. That's life members. Be the hero/heroin of your own experience of existence. Blaming and crying dose'nt turn you into one hard work and dedication does.

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    Blaming destiny without working for the targets is a good game that many people play in this world and there are many who believe them also. I remember one of my colleague who used to say that wherever he gets transfer the next day a tough boss - a tough taskmaster also reaches there. He used to curse his luck for that coincidence. He might be doing it jokingly but the essence of his feeling is that no one wants to work under a tough boss. So, practically no one wants a bad luck in any form and wish for a good luck without contributing for it. This is strange but happening around us.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Mr Mohan
    There are two ways to look at it. One is from those who believe in destiny and feel that everything is predetermined and fixed. Other is who believe in working and expect commensurate results. As these are two different perspectives, they analyse the things differently.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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