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    Did you sense the mood of forum?

    Usually a bunch of people make the effort to reply in forum posts. What is observed is that political or news threads are rarely responded while any quiz or creative threads like poem or puzzle is responded well.
    Also noted is that long posts are not even read so to engage more members to forum discussions, keep the threads super short.

    Share your observations.
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    ISC forum has varied members on the board. Some are regular and ambitious with great new topics daily and they give the pep to forum to stay alive the entire day. Some members were waiting only for the group discussions to happen and pounce on the subject with more interest. Some members are happy to respond to those threads which are general in nature and never indulge in controversy writings. And members are just reading the content and shy away without posting any comment. And as far as the suggestion of making the content short, the authors have the right to explain the topic in detail or short form and the members must understand and respond. One thing is sure those who have the niche to raise threads, they must do so early in the morning so that the day would not starve without threads for the members to respond.
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    Forum posts will give good inputs and we learn many important issues that are happening around. As mentioned by the author many people may not go through or respond to many threads. That is why we see the maximum of 7 to 8 responses only normally. But contests will have many entries. Probably some members may feel that spending time on normal threads won't worth the time they spend. Anyhow all depends on the individual's interest and time. Some days we will be seeing a maximum 3 or 4 threads. But some days we will see threads going into double figures. This may be due to the time factor.
    But I always feel that the Forum section is the most useful section for a person who is having an interest in improving their language. These days we are seeing more members contributing to this section which gives me a lot of pleasure.

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    The author must have observed minutely about all the activities in the Forum section but in general, I have seen when there are some contests going on in various sections the number of responses to the threads comes down to some extent. Members may remain busy with the contests and that's why they do not get enough time to reply to the threads. To which threads they should reply depend on the interest of the members and I think the content of the threads do matter. Members have varied interests so they look into the topic of the thread before replying.

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    Forum has got its own speed and energy and anyone who is not able to match with it would lose his grip on it. As the author has rightly mentioned avoid long posts. It is not that no one reads them, it is shear wastage to spend so much time in them. One can convey more sometimes in less sentences. We can use that energy in some other section or activity. Another thing about forum is that our topic should be liked by more people than that of a few selected. And the last thing which is most important is avoid posting duplicate posts. Even if they do not get deleted, they look embarrassing on the forum screen pages.
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    I believe that some people like to respond only if they are interested in that topic or they are aware of it, apart from which other members have said that there are some writers who only like to participate in the contest and they can do their own the contributions are limited to the same. According to me, it is mainly about interest and time that the topic is more importance to the author. For me, the forum section is the one that is contributing significantly in increasing my knowledge and enhancing my creativity and skills of writing, so every thread has its own importance for me.
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    To me, forum section is important in the sense that it deals with the various topics and there are different readers to raise the threads depending upon their inclinations. Some threads, though general in nature carry wide responses because of the interest of the readers. If the forum is related to history or scientific in nature, the responses should not be more than four or five but if the forum is dealing with some important place or a picnic site, the readers would take parts with a maximum interest. However, forums are the important plateform sand almost all forums raised do carry interesting responses.

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