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    Who are the real nation builders?

    Nation-building is an important activity that is essential for the progress and development of a country. There are many who claim that they are the real nation builders.

    During the teachers day, I heard the teachers saying that they are the real nation builders. No doubt. They contribute their best by molding the students to be good citizens of the country. Education helps them to perform well.

    During a TV interview, I watched one businessman saying that entrepreneurs are the real nation builders. Without them, the country cannot progress and develop economically.

    Let us discuss - Who are the real nation builders? Teachers or Entrepreneurs. Are there any other nation-builders other than these two?
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    My question is, who is not a nation builder? In a country, every citizen is a nation builder. Every citizen, in his or her own way, will be striving to build the nation. Good parenting by the parents to bring up their children to become responsible citizens of the country is also nation-building. Directly or indirectly everyone contributes to the nation-building. There may be a few exceptions like unsocial elements whose numbers are low.
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    Nation building is a collective effort and not a single man or profession work. So if anyone says he is a nation builder, then he is right. But if one says that he alone is the nation builder then there is an ego issue with that person.
    We actually count ourselves as nation builder, but do we ever consider the natural resources, minerals, land, animals and every natural thing we use for our consumption or for building infrastructure, do we ever consider their contribution in the building of a nation.

    Till the time one is alive and working productively he/she is contributing to the nation building.

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    I give full marks to the teachers as nation builders because they are instrument and play important role in churning out future leaders, future entrepreneurs, future scientists, future doctors. future engineers etc. If a person on tv interview said that the entrepreneurs are the nation builders means he talked ignorant and that is not acceptable. A teacher has been paving way for our interest in different subjects and that would take us to the destination of our goal . For example both my children were studied in same school, but when it came to the career choice, my chose the Chemical Engineering and my daughter has chosen the MBBS. The teacher were the same and the teaching were the same, but the way children get involved in each subject would make them to decide their course at 10th class level and then they surge ahead.
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    All those people who are doing their work honestly and sincerely are the nation builders, whatever job they might be doing. Right from the menial jobs to the highly coveted ones. Many people complain that corruption has increased so much and some people in big positions are minting money and some businessmen are swallowing the bank loans etc and we are in a very bad situation. It is very correct but still country is running and much progress has been achieved. Which means that there are still some people who are doing their work honestly and sincerely and they are actually the nation builders. It is a matter of simple conjecture as what is their percentage and who are they. We have to search for them and we would find them sitting at various places doing their job diligently and confidently. They may be few but they are making our country progress.
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    Nation building is a collective process. There is never a who is the real nation builder. You sound like you're asking who the real god is! There is no one person who builds a nation. Like in a family there is no one person who makes up a family. There are family heads ofcourse, but they too work in sync with all members of the family. Similarly nation building too requires the initiative, talent and hard work of each member irrespective of who or what they are. Hope this answer's the query.

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    Anyone who does his work sincerely is a real nation builder. A person who pays tax sincerely is also a nation builder as that amount he is paying will be useful for the development of the nation. A parent who is sending his children to defence force is also a nation builder as his children are contributing to the security of the nation. Like that, almost all of us are to some extent nation-builders only.
    A teacher is getting the youth ready to face the problems they are going to face in their lives. So a teacher is also a nation builder. An entrepreneur is providing jobs to some youth and giving them a chance to earn. So they are also contributing to some extent in nation-building.

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